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WhatsApp Rolls Out Its Most Awaited Feature

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Whatsapp has rolled out its most awaited feature related to group calls. People can now make a group call up to up to eight people at a time. Now you can make a video or a voice call with eight people at a time. Previously WhatsApp made this feature available for the beta app users only. Till then the feature became one of the most ones. This feature comes out in a time when the majority people in the world are facing a lockdown. People are at their homes missing their loved ones. This feature will surely easy the connectivity among the people.

Although for now, the feature is only available for iPhone users only. But after some time they will make available for the android users as well. To use the feature users have to install the latest WhatsApp update v2.20.50 from the Apple App Store. Note that each and every participant in the call must be on the latest updated version. Then only they will able to use the feature. It may take some time for the android version of this update due to the lockdown situation.

Since the lockdown is imposed there has been a great spike in the users of video conferencing apps. Initially, people were using Zoom for that purpose. But a few weeks back several reports claiming that Zoom is not safe in terms of privacy shocked everyone. That’s why people started searching for its alternatives and tech giants saw an opportunity in it. Every tech giant is trying to make a stronger presence in the video calling and conference field. Therefore in recent times, we have seen major developments related to video calling from companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. Facebook-owned Whatsapp already has a huge user base so it will be quite easy for them to penetrate into this domain.