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Best Web Series On Netflix

Top Indian Web Series on Netflix, Amazon Prime and others

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In India, digital media is growing very rapidly these days all thanks to data revolution here. People are shifting from cinemas to watch the content on their personal devices i.e. Mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. And I personally feel that platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime have also contributed a lot in developing people’s interest in Digital content by providing exceptional web series. As these platforms came to India they also started providing India based content to which Indians can easily connect. Till date, there are many Indian web series on Netflix and others that are worth watching atleast once.

So without any futher due let’s get started.

Best Indian Web Series on Netflix and Others

Here some of the best Indian web series available out there

Sacred Games

Sacred Games has to be on the top of this list. This web series is available on Netflix in two parts season 1 & 2. This is an action-packed drama web series that has a lot of emotions in it. The whole plot of the series revolves around two characters Sartaj a Mumbai police officer and Ganesh Gaitonde a gangster. It is based on a book named Sacred Games.


Again an Indian action thriller web series available on Amazon Prime. The story of the series revolves around mafia, lawlessness and chaos. Mirzapur is a story of mafia named Akhandanand Tripathi and his entire empire. Akhandanand is continuing the legacy of his father who has also been a don of his time. Its first season is already out and the second one is about to release.

TVF Pitchers

Okay, so there is a funny thing I also came to know about this series when I was researching for this article. Then I realized that I missed such a great piece of content. I straight away went to TVF’s app and watched the whole series and trust it is a great series. Pitchers is a story of four men who quit their well-settled jobs to start something of their own. This story perfectly depicts all the struggle and hard work that we all need to do in our lives.

Yeh Meri Family

Again a masterpiece from TVF play. “Yeh Meri Family” a fully loaded package with lots of nostalgia in it. The series takes you back to your summer vacation days and perfectly shows all the feeling that middle-class boy has. For example- High School Crush, Rivalry with siblings, arguments with parents etc. and later realizes their importance in his life.

So these were some best Indian Web series on Netflix, amazon prime and others.