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PUBG Alternatives

Top 5 Best PUBG Mobile Alternatives Games That You Can Check Out

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On 2 Sept. 2020, our Government announced that they are going to ban 118 Chinese applications. The shock was that list includes PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. PUBG, which is basically a battle royale game and very popular with mobile players.

Originally, PUBG was a PC game, but as it succeeds and became very popular among the gamers, PUBG corporation made its mobile version. Within no-time, this game became the best game on iOS and Android.

Today almost millions of players log in the game every day. This game also has its lighter version which they call PUBG Mobile Lite, but this lighter version is not as good as the original one.

Top 5 PUBG ( Player Unknown Battle Ground ) Alternatives

1. Hopeless Land

The mobile gaming community gave great reviews to this game. Hopeless is almost the same as PUBG and it is a great alternative of PUBG. It has a survival mode where you can fight with 121 unknown players and alike PUBG a player who stands last wins the match.

It has features like fly a helicopter, land in new places, and fight the deadly battleground to conquer the deathmatch. This game isn’t only about weapons and guns, but also you need to have sharp strategic skills.

The best part of this game is that it goes with many or almost every Android device. Hopeless game has more than 50 Million downloads on Play Store only, Hopeless game is a perfect replacement of PUBG Mobile for both Android and iOS.

More Info About Hopeless Land:-

  • Size:- 346MB
  • Rating:- 3.9
  • Downloads:- 50+ Million
  • Price:- Free
  • Download Now

2. Fortnite

Now if we talk about Fortnite, then I have to say that Fortnite is the most played BR game till this moment. A bold cash grab, sub-par graphics, broken game – whatever your reason is, this game works, and individuals seriously wanna play Fortnite. A game worked in the vain of PUBG and surround with both great and awful news.

At this moment it is a game everybody is playing and discussing on their social media handles. Fortnite is like a train that will not stop. It allows you to plat a 100 player PvP model which is totally free, you don’t have to pay a single penny. unfortunately, this game doesn’t support the majority of mobile phones. So if it works on your mobile then it’s a blessing.

More Info About Fortnite:-

3. Free Fire

The game is created by Garena, it has low graphics comparatively PUBG game. I personally played this game and on the basis of that, I can say this game is pretty good, It also has some bugs and lag. The game includes ten-minute games with up to 50 participants. It uses shooter mechanics.

As I mentioned earlier, this game has low but decent graphics, and also the gameplay is pretty smooth. It has one more feature with that feature you can create 4-man squads and communicate with each other to make a strategy and win the matches. Honestly, there isn’t a lot wrong with this game. you can play it as an alternative of PUBG Mobile.

More Info About Free Fire:-

  • Size:- 580MB
  • Rating:- 4.1
  • Downloads:- 500+ Million
  • Price:- Free
  • Download Now

4. Pixel’s Unkown Battle Grounds ( PUBG )

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground ( PUBG ) is a clone version of PUBG Mobile. This game make a use of pixel style graphics, but like other shooter battle royale games its almost all controls and mechanics are same. If you are a Minecraft enthusiasts, then I would suggest you to play this game.

In the game as like other battle royale game, you need to survive at the last while fighting or killing your enemies in a block city. where your can use with an AK, Pixel Gun, multiple-barrel, and other weapons to win the match.

This game also have a features of in-game chat, auto shooting and customize graphics settings, This one has some stability issues that we noticed during our testing. Frankly, I feel that the PUBG is way better than the other PUBG clones available on Google Play store.

More Info About PUBG:-

  • Size:- 106MB
  • Rating:- 4.0
  • Downloads:- 50+ Million
  • Price:- Free
  • Download Now

5. COD ( Call Of Duty Mobile )

Call of Duty is the most popular game after PUBG Mobile, priorly it was only available for PC users. but now it also has its mobile version with equal fun. You can play it with your friends and family, cuz it has a multiplayer mode and you can also switch maps and modes anytime in this game. Just like any other BR (Battle Royale ) games, It also has voice and text chat support.

It offers you great sound and graphics. In the game, you’ve to shoot the enemies and also kill the zombies to survive. In addition, you can find a ton of weapons, customizations, and other characters to unlock. Honestly saying, this is the best alternative in my opinion. Because It has almost the same features as PUBG Mobile. So I would definitely suggest you to give it a shot.

More Info About COD:-

  • Size:- 1.5GB
  • Rating:- 4.5
  • Downloads:- 100+ Million
  • Price:- Free
  • Download Now

So, these are the top 5 best alternatives of PUBG Mobile and the best part is these games are non-Chinese. If you are a serious lover of PUBG Mobile then I am quite sure that one of these games will fulfill the desire of a battle royale game. In the end, all I can say is enjoy and have a lot of fun!

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