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There Are Over 500 Million Active Internet Users with 14% of 5-11 yrs: IAMAI

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The latest report from the IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India)shows how the Internet is widely accessible in India. According to this report, there are over 500 Million active internet users in India. Out of these numbers there nearly 71 Million children aged between 5-11 years who are active on the internet. With these numbers, this age group makes around 14% of the total active internet users in India. The majority of them access the internet from their family member’s device. And according to us, these numbers will grow further due to the cheap internet packages and easily available smartphones.

According to the “Digital in India” report by IAMAI, there are 504 million active internet users in India. These people logged on to the internet at least once in the last one month, at the end of November 2019. Nielsen curated this data which was based on IRS data.

Further in this report, it was stated that there are nearly 70% active internet population in India. With this population, there are nearly nine out of ten people using the internet at least once a week.

One-third of the users use the internet for more than one hour on holidays as compared to a normal working day. In rural India, the daily internet users have grown by 30% from March 19. The users in urban areas spend more time on the internet as compared to users in rural areas.

Today a significant number of females are also starting to use the internet. According to the report in November 2019, there were 26 million new female members added. This report also says that it is an increase of 21 percent which is higher than that of a 9 percent increase in new male users.

As mobile phones and the internet is becoming more accessible to the whole country, there is a continuous rise in these numbers. People are mainly using mobile phones to access the internet. The number of internet users has spiked sharply after when the data service provider companies introduced affordable data plans to users in 2016.