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Tamilrockers 2021: Download HD Telugu, Hindi, Tamil Movies Online Website, Everything You Need To Know

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Tamilrockers 2021 – There should be hardly anybody in the age who doesn’t like to watch movies. People often go to cinema halls and theater to watch and enjoy the movies. But what about those who don’t have enough resources to do that? Then these people try to find some alternative ways to watch movies. And here online torrent movies websites come into play and provide movies to such people.

When somebody talks about torrent movie downloading website then Tamilrockers is considered as a big player in it. Tamilrockers is one of the most popular piracy websites these days and leaks the latest movies every time.

So today in this article we are going to talk about tamilrockers website and will discuss everything about it. I am sure that this article will surely boost up your knowledge and will surely help you a lot with Tamilrockers. So without any further due let’s get started.

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Tamilrockers Website 2021 Overview

Tamilrockers website

You people must be searching about the tamilrockers website that is the reason why you have landed on this webpage. So before doing anything, we must have the knowledge about the tamilrockers website. Actually, it is an illegal torrent movie downloading website that provides movies to download to its visitors.

For the past few years, this website is heavily active in India and has been doing all its work without many hurdles. Tamilrockers is actively involved in the piracy of many movies be it Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil or Malayalam movies.

This website is considered as an illegal website by the government of India. The website is considered to be illegal due to the very strong reasons and the reason is that it does piracy. Yes, friends, tamilrockers don’t have the proper legal rights to distribute those movies and web series on their website.

Distributing copyright content without legal rights is illegal under the Indian Law and that is the main reason why authorities have also banned this website several times. This website reopens by using a new domain extension and again starts doing its work. Unfortunately, in this age of technology, it is not possible to completely ban anything so as with this website. Tamilrockers never stops regardless of any ban and penalty on them.

History of Tamilrockers

Tamilrockers is not a new website. This website is a very old website and keeps changing its name frequently on a regular basis. The owners of this website leaked many movies online even before they could release in the cinema halls. Due to all these illegal activities police arrested some members of this website and banned this website so that they can’t continue their activities. After they got arrested this website was inactive for a long time but recently it has again started getting famous.

We think that some other people have taken the domain of tamilrockers and they have started doing all these things. It is really bad for the movie industry if this website is again active. Because this website is a big part of the piracy of the latest movies and web series.

Due to all these activities movie industry has to bear the immense loss. So I will ask you, people, to immediately stop downloading movies from tamilrockers and adopt some legit methods. This way you can show your support to the movie industry and artist who do a lot of hard work in the movies.

Why Tamilrockers so Popular?

There is not one but many reasons behind the popularity of this illegal torrent website. The main reason that I could understand is the common reason for all the torrent movie downloading websites. Suppose you are in a market to buy a T-shirt for yourself.

You go to a branded outlet where they show you a T-Shirt for $50. But in the next shop, you are getting the first copy of that same $50 T-Shirt. Although the quality of that T-Shirt doesn’t match that branded one still many people will buy that first copy.

The same goes for tamilrockers and other similar illegal torrent movie downloading websites. Although people know that they are not going to get the theater experience by downloading movies from there still they do it. Because if they go to theater they will have to pay for the tickets whereas downloading movies from tamilrockers is free. It is the basic mentally of a common person visiting torrent website however it is totally illegal. Apart from this, there are other reasons as well as and some of them are mentioned below.

Tamilrockers Tamil Movies

As the name of this website “tamilrockers” suggest, this website in the starting only used to leak Tamil movies. One thing I would like to say here is that in the initial years of the internet, piracy of movies started from Tamil movies only. But as time passed by and people became more used to internet movie pirates started targeting other movie industries as well.

Okay so now let’s get back to our topic, Tamil movies are one of the biggest movie industry in India and world. They produce hundreds of movies each year and they have a very good audience base as well. Therefore Tamilrockers continuously target Tamil movies and leak them online. Tamil movies must be generating a good amount of money for this illegal torrent website.

Tamilrockers Telugu Movies Website

One of the reasons that tamilrockers are a popular and illegal torrent that it works across all languages. The majority traffic of this website is from Telugu speaking folks because the Telugu movie industry is a very large movie industry. There are millions of Telugu speaking people in the India and around the world. And let me tell you that these people are just crazy about movies and watch movies regularly.

The majority of them go to cinema halls to watch movies but there is a significant no. of people who try to download movies online from torrent websites. Tamilrockers website takes people as their potential audience and they have made a separate section for Telugu movies on the website.

Tamilrockers Malayalam Movies

After the Telugu audience, tamilrockers also have a very strong hold in the Malayalam movie watchers. Malayalam movies are also doing well these days and they are producing really good quality content. Recently some of their movies (dubbed to Hindi and other languages) have gained popularity even among people who have never watched a single Malayalam movie.

By this, you can guess how popular they are becoming day after day. Tamilrockers are involved in the piracy of Malayalam movies as well, that’s why Malayalam movie producers are very careful regarding this piracy matter.

Tamilrockers hd movies

The major reason why this website is so popular is that they can leak movies in hd quality. Yes, friends, this is not an ordinary website, I don’t know how but this website has resources to leak any movie in HD print within a few days of its release. I think this website is not run by an individual but there must be a group of people behind it. Because this whole work can’t be done by an individual, there has to be a group of people responsible for it. They must have allotted separate tasks to separate individuals.

Tamilrockers New Link

Tamilrockers new link

As we have discussed earlier that tamilrockers is an illegal website and they are banned by legal authorities. But in this age of technology, it is very hard to completely ban anything. As soon as the government blocks this website, they change the domain extension and relaunch it. So it is really very hard to trace them, but some time ago around 3 people from tamilrockers were arrested and sent to jail. Also, several URLs were blocked as well.

How Much and How Do Tamilrockers Make Money?

There are several ways tamilrockers make money online and we will talk about those ways one by one into this article. So stay with us through the end of this article and I am sure you will get a lot of knowledge. Since tamilrockers is an illegal website and they do not comply with the AdSense policy so they can’t put AdSense ads on their website. Therefore you must have seen many illegal torrent websites using different ad networks in place of AdSense.

Ad Networks

There are many other ad networks then AdSense that have a different policy from Adsense. These ad networks do not bother much about the type of website people have they just look at the traffic. And if a website like tamilrockers which is even illegal and have traffic in millions so they give them approval straight away. The most common type of ads these ad networks serve is popup ads. Popup ads are widely used by tamilrockers and other websites to monetize their traffic to earn money.

But at the same time, popup ads are very irritating as a user and that’s why legit sites never use them. The legit website generally uses Adsense and to make money through their traffic which I also think is the best way to earn. Because these ads don’t irritate the users and don’t decrease user retention.

Okay so for those who don’t understand what popup ads are then here I will tell. When you go on illegal websites like tamilrockers and click on some button. Then suddenly a popup opens that tries to sell you something. This popup can be a popup ad by any ad network. And when people click on those popup ads tamilrockers make money.

However, the cost per click is very low from these ad networks. But with the amount of traffic has, still they can manage to make good money out of it. People are just crazy about these websites. They just want to download movies from there and don’t care how much time they are redirected. So tamilrockers admin doesn’t care about user retention which must be already good.


As far as I have researched around these websites. They also use traffic redirection to make money with their traffic. I am sure tamilrockers also must be redirecting its traffic to make. So for those who don’t know what is traffic direction then I will tell you. Basically when a user comes to a website and clicks on some button then he is redirected to another website.

That website can be a blog website or can be an eCommerce. Tamilrockers and other illegal websites heavily use this method. This way these websites send traffic to other websites and charge commission from them. This method is also used by many legit websites as well.

Link Shorteners

Link shorteners are also a way of earning for these websites. A website like tamilrockers shortens the downloading link and paste it on their website. When a user clicks on that link then piracy gets some commission for that. So it is kind of easy for them. Now let me tell you how it works.

Okay, so we will understand this with an example. Suppose tamilrockers has a download link, so they will go on a link shortener website. They will put in the link on the website and click on shorten. Then that that website will shorten the link and tamilrockers will put it on their website.

When somebody clicks on that link they are sent to the server where the download file is hosted. Keep in mind that most of the illegal torrent websites never host any file on their own server. They hosted on other servers.

So people are redirected to that server. But while redirection user has to transit via that URL shortener website. Now that website might be approved from Adsense and have ads placed on it. So here the ads’ impression gets counted and tamilrockers get a share for that. This way tamilrockers might be earning money from the URL shortener website.

Is it Safe to Download Movies From Tamilrocker?

If you are concerned about your security while downloading movies then read this paragraph carefully. People generally take their data privacy for granted and download anything from any source. The same goes for the website named tamilrockers and other illegal content downloading websites. Nobody ever bothers to even check the privacy and cookies policy of these websites.

Generally when you go on piracy websites like tamilrockers and visit their disclaimer page. There they clearly mention that the file is never hosted on their own servers and they do not even tell you where they are hosted. Further, they say that they don’t even take responsibility for what you download.

Now if you are still thinking about downloading movies from there then keep in mind you are going do it from an unknown source. If I will tell you in clear words then it is not safe to download anything from an unknown source like tamilrockers and others.

Now you must be thinking that why am I saying all this? I am saying this on the basis of an article I read there on quora. There a person answered a question that nowadays hackers can easily embed payloads on links, images and even on videos. When somebody clicks that link or install those images or video then devices may get hacked.

With the help of payloads, your system and hacker’s system get connected and a backdoor is created. Now hackers can control your device without you having any knowledge of it. It is easier to do in the android as compared to the iOS system. Now let me ask you a question that why put your privacy at high risk by downloading anything from these illegal websites like tamilrockers?

Download Movies from Tamilrocker Legal or Illegal

When somebody asks this question from me then I say “NO” straight away. Because Tamilrockers is an illegal website and all their activities are completely banned by legal authorities. But by misusing the technology they are still doing their work with full speed.

Although on legal issues you should better consult with a lawyer to get a better idea. But if you ask my opinion then I will just have to say one thing that there are many working in the movie industry apart from actors. These people may be working on some minimal daily wages. Apart from these workers, there are filmmakers who invest a lot of money in a movie.

Due to Tamilrockers and other similar piracy website these people have to suffer a lot which is not a good thing. To support each and everyone working in the movie industry you can skip the torrent website and adopt legit ways to download the movies. Here is my article you can visit to download movies legally.

Legal Alternatives to Tamilrockers

As we have discussed that it is not legal to download movies from the tamilrockers website. So there must be a way to download movies legally. Then I would say that there is not “way” but “ways” to download movies online. There are many ways that are better and safer than tamilrockers to download movies online. So without any further due let’s have a look at these options.


Netflix can be the best alternative to tamilrockers because it has a wide range of movies on it. You can watch movies on Netflix even when you are offline. Netflix is a video on demand platform and the most popular platform in its niche. Netflix has a number of brilliant online series and movies on its platform. The collection of its movies is in almost all the languages of India be it Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam etc. You just have to search for the download button in the description of the movies. You can enjoy the platform free for one month by attaching your card to it.

Amazon Prime Video

If we are taking Netflix as an alternative tamilrockers then how can we forget Amazon Prime Video? After Netflix, it is considered as the most popular online platform to watch movies. Just like Netflix Amazon Prime also has a good number of movies and web series on it. I think it also provides those movies and web series to download you can go and check it there. Amazon Prime also provides you to access its content free for 1 month. This can also be taken as an option to tamilrockers.

Google Play Movies

If you are also looking for a legit alternative of Tamilrockers then you can check out Google play movies. This is also one of the widely used platforms to watch and download movies. If you want then you can rent the movies from there as well at very nominal prices. The best part about Google Play Movies is that you can even rent the latest movies from there. Isn’t it a great choice?

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is also a very popular platform to watch and stream movies and web series online. This streaming platform is owned by Sony so you get even more variety of movies and TV shows there. And most importantly it is a free platform so you have to pay nothing to watch and stream movies there other than your internet data.

Although it is free there any many features on this website that are even better than tamilrockers. First of all it is free and doesn’t require any money. The second thing is that it is absolutely legal and the third thing is that it is safe. On this website, you do not have to worry about your privacy and other security issues. You have different threats and issues by using tamilrockers.

Note:- Piracy of any original content under Indian law is a punishable offense. firmly rejects this kind of piracy. The content presented here is simply to give you the information concerning the activities. Its objective is not at any time and in any way to encourage immoral and piracy acts. Please stay off from sites and select the ideal way to download the movie.