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Tamilmv: Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam Movies Download

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Tamilmv – In this age of digitization, there would be hardly anybody who doesn’t like to watch movies. Afterall movies are the best portrait of human emotions and values. Nowadays movies are also becoming a way to put up social issues before society.

People are ready to spend money to watch movies. That is why makers are also investing a good amount of money in the production of the movies. While making a movie the main target of the maker is to make people feel a connection with the movie. The more people feel connected the better the movie performs on the box office. 

There are many ways to watch movies, you can either buy the tickets and go to the theater to watch movies or with the help of technology you can watch your favorite movies on the OTT platforms. But today we are here to discuss a website named Tamilmv. People who don’t have time for the above-mentioned ways, such people often choose websites like Tamilmv to download Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam movies.

In this article, you are going to find each and every information about tamilmv. And this article will surely fulfill your needs.

Tamilmv Latest Movies Download

Tamilmv is basically a torrent website to download movies online. As its name suggests, it is very popular among the people to download movies, especially in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.

People often search their name online to download the newly released popular movies.

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Domain and Server Provider

As Tamilmv is a torrent website it means they use other people’s content like movies and web series to make money. Such websites do piracy and piracy is banned in India.

So these websites are also banned by the Government of India. If anybody caught doing piracy then they have to face strict prosecution. To avoid that Tamilmv and others like websites use technology to hide. They use high-end hostings and servers which are nearly impossible to track.

Here is some general information about their servers and domain.


  • Created: 2018-09-12
  • Expires: 2019-09-12
  • DNS:,


  • Alexa Rank: 298691
  • Age: 2 years old domain

New Links Of Tamilmv

As we have discussed earlier that this website is a torrent website, so governments from time to time take down these websites.

But they again reopen using new URLs, domains, and subdomains. Actually, these sites have a lot of traffic so their owners want to use that traffic as much as they can.


Most of the time they use the low-level domain to reopen the site. But what they really focus on is that there must be their name included in the domain. The following are new and different links to tamilmv.

  • Tamilmv. pk
  • Tamilmv. biz
  • Tamilmv. web 
  • Tamilmv. net
  • Tamilmv. ca

As soon as these people reopen the website with a new domain people government penalize them and sometimes they even get arrested. But most of the time such people manage to fool the government.

Torrent websites not only use the search engine to do piracy but they also have a strong social presence. Mainly such websites use telegram channels or groups to distribute the pirated and Copywrite content which includes movies, songs, and web series.

Whenever Tamilmv releases their new links they have a very clear strategy in mind. They know that there must the name of the website in the links every time irrespective of the domain extension. This strategy helps them to gain their audience again faster.

How Tamilmv Websites Got Popular?

If somebody asks you ” Hey, look I have this good quality T-shirt of Xyz brand and I am selling it for $10″. But you went to the market and found a copy t-shirt which just looks like a branded one and you can get it for $5 there.

Even though the quality of that T-shirt would not be so great as the original one. But since it’s cheap in cost most of the people will buy it.

The same goes for these torrent movie download websites. They provide us that high-quality movies, web series, and songs for cheap, and without thinking we just download that content.

Also, this website provides movies in many formats and file sizes. That’s why people visit this website again and again to download the movie. In this way, they get loyal visitors who always prefer these websites over others.

Tamilmv Telugu Movies Download

This website is one of the largest Telugu movie piracy sites. As we know Telugu cinema is also one of the most popular cinemas. So this website leaks the latest Telugu movies online and gathers a large number of visitors from there as well. This website is doing it for a quite while and has large no. audience.

Earning Method of Tamilmv

There are several earning methods that Tamilmv and similar websites. Since they are all illegal websites and they don’t follow the policies made by Google, so they can not monetize their traffic with Adsense and other similar ad serving networks.

So how do they make money with that traffic? Actually, they use popup ads or pop ads to make money. Sometimes when you go on some website and there you find “click here to download “button, when you click there, then a popup opens. That popup is basically pop ads. 

Although these pop-up ads irritate the user and most of the time users bounce off from that web page, but it is the simplest thing they can do to earn money. 

Other than this, torrent websites use a URL shortener website. Ok, so here it gets a bit tricky and requires a lot of brains to understand this. Most of the torrent websites shorten the download link and host the download file on another server. When the visitor clicks that download link they are redirected to that other server.

Between the download link button and server, the user has to transit to that URL shortener website which must be using an ad network. So in this way, both the URL shortener website and these torrent download websites share a part of the revenue from ads.

In the last method, these torrent websites make their own transit URL shortener website and get it approved from Adsense. So every time when a person clicks that download button to download the movie they transit via torrent’s URL shortener and torrent earns money.

Is Torrent Legal?

Okay so before we are going to talk about if it is legal or not let me clear that it is my personal opinion and I am not a lawyer. So you should better consult it with your lawyer.

Most of us think that all torrents or bittorrents are illegal, but not “ALL” of them are illegal. Let us first understand what is torrents or bittorrents? These are simply a file transfer protocol to make files download in a faster manner, so basically, there is nothing illegal in that.

But if you use it to transfer Copywrite material like movies, web series or songs without the permission of its creator then it becomes illegal. Distribution of any Copywrite material without permission is illegal in most countries so as in India.

Safe or Not?

Most of the torrent websites like are not safe to download any file from them. Most of them don’t even have a valid SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is the set of small data files that bind up and when installed on a web server provides a secure connection between server and browser.

So if you go on a not secure site and download something from there hackers may attack your system. This attack can cause you a data breach from your system.

Additionally, if you are installing a file from such a site then you don’t even know what else you are downlog with the file. In many cases, they can install an unwanted application or APK into your system.

These apks and apps can harm your system like a mobile or laptop. And in the worst cases, they can even steal your personal data.

Tamilmv Apk Download

Yes, my friends this website also provides its apk. People download this apk from their website and install it into their systems. Let’s get some basic knowledge about it. The full form of apk is an android package. This is a file when installing on the system works like any other normal apps. As clear from the name that it is only for android users. 

Because in ios operators due to security issues only selected and verified apps are allowed. To make an apk file a program for Android is first compiled after this all its parts are packaged into one container file.

Legal Alternatives of Tamilmv

Now you must be thinking that there should some legal alternatives to torrent websites. So below I have mentioned some of them:-


Netflix is a U.S. based production and media service provider company. It basically a streaming service that allows people with a paid subscription to watch content on their platform. Netflix has a wide variety of movies, documentaries and TV shows available on their app. It is totally legal to watch or download movies from them.

Netflix was founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California. Presently Netflix has their headquarter located in Los Gatos, California. According to stats Netflix had around 148 million paid subscriptions worldwide. This means a lot of people trust Netflix when it comes to online video streaming.

So you can also consider it as an alternative to Tamilmv.

Amazon Prime Videos

Amazon Prime Videos is also an online video streaming platform. Their services are nearly similar to Netflix as they also provide movies and other video content to their prime members. Prime members are the paid members of the platform. 


Hulu is also an amazing video on demand platform owned by Walt Disney. You can sign up over there to experience no Ad video streaming.


Hotstar is another over the top online video streaming platform. This platform can be your best legal alternative to tamilmv. As it has almost all the popular Indian TV shows, web series, and movies. Sometimes some movies go live very late on this platform. This service is owned by Novi Digital Entertainment, which is a subsidiary of star India.

Hotstar was launched in February 2014, this service is also popular for streaming live cricket matches. Hotstar says that they launched this app after 15 months of development. 


For a no-cost Netflix alternative, check out SnagFilms. With unique categories such as”Before they were stars” and”Athletes & their triumphs,” SnagFilms focuses primarily on fresh content. Over 2,000 videos’ library comprises shows films, and documentaries. Additionally, there are some humor shorts.

There is a fantastic movie category too. Don’t expect a great deal of famous fare, however for, under more and the radar pictures, SnagFilms can be just a gem.


PopcornFlix gifts advertisements that are limited to full pictures. Here, you’ll find a selection of pictures in a mid-range selection, from also A Clear and Present Danger and Sunset Boulevard to Murder and There’ll Be Blood.

Flicks are segmented into categories such as genre popularity, new arrivals, and team picks, making PopcornFlix easy to use. With a beefy line-up and excellent navigation, PopcornFlix is a great option for free, legal pictures.

Tubi TV

Providing free movies and shows, Tubi TV is a service that is fantastic. Here, you’ll have the ability to look at newer movies including Lords of Bulletproof Monk, A Most Man, and Salem, as well as older names like the literary cult classic The Running Man.

Helpfully, Tubi TV offers a”Leaving so on” category which means it’s possible to stream movies and shows until they become inaccessible, and so enhance your streaming queue. Creating an account isn’t painless, although you need to register to see mature content.

Pluto TV

It’s easily one of the most effective free movies because Pluto TV includes a TV section. You are able to stream out of Famous Brands technical stations, Fox Sports, along with Pluto Movies like Horror 24/7 and Classic Movies. Plus, there is a web-based video library to get a picture.

With the television aspect that is life, Pluto television is a must-have for cord-cutters. Check out live TV streaming services.

Classic Cinema on the Web

Vintage Cinema on the web focuses on elderly content material as its name implies. Even its website aesthetic captures a vibe with a backdrop of theatre drapes. You can find classics such as Jane Eyre, Casablanca, and The Wasp Woman.

Nevertheless, the addition of movies such as Muscle Beach Party does call into question the meaning of”classic cinema” Vintage Cinema Online is absolute gold for old school movies.


On Veoh, you’re going to have the ability to stream heaps of shows and pictures. Additionally, there is a good deal of films that are old. It is comparable to YouTube for the reason that Veoh hosts videos and content.

Since Veoh features a filtering system that is solid, you also can select options like video and language length to obtain exactly what you want to watch. Veoh ranks among the alternatives. Just beware of the pop-ups.

Note:- Piracy of any original content under Indian law is a punishable offense. firmly rejects this type of piracy. The content presented here is only to present you with the required information about the illegal activities. Its objective is not at any time and in any way to encourage piracy and immoral acts. Please stay off from such websites and pick the right way to download the movie.