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Ramayan Becomes Most Viewed Entertainment Program Globally

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In this tough time of lockdown when people are at there homes. Many industries might not survive in this situation. But recently amazing news was shared by Doordarshan T.V. on tweeter. Doordarshan National said the Ramayan has broken all the viewership records and has become the most viewed entertainment show around the world. They also said that the retelecasted show on 16th April received 7.7 crore viewers. Those numbers are highest for any entertainment show around the world. With those viewers, the “Ramayan” show defeated its nearest competition by a large margin.

Previously Game of Thrones’ last episode with 19.3 Million viewers in a single night was the most viewed entertainment program. But now it is clear from the latest stats that it will take a lot of effort for any program to break the record of Ramayan.

Ramayan has been telecasting on DD National soon after Prime Minister Modi announced the nationwide lockdown in March. From the very starting, the show got very popular among all the age group people. The whole family started watching the show together on the T.V.

This show was created by very famous director Ramanand Sagar and was telecasted for the first time in 1987. The show turned out to be an absolute success at that time as well. But when DD National announced that the show will be retelecasted so everyone became excited again. The generation that used to be younger in 1987 seemed to be the most excited. But episode by episode the show also attracted the younger generation as well due to its amazing dialogues and expression.

Apart from the “Ramayan” DD National also retelecasted the “Mahabharat” and other iconic serials. Which were also very popular in the 80s and 90s. A whole generation of India is enjoying watching these serials. I think this is the best way to cut off the boredom of this lockdown.

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