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PUBG Banned

PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground ) Mobile Ban By the Government Of India Along 118 New Chinese Apps

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The thing has happened, which no-one was expecting. On 2 September 2020, The Government of India has banned the popular battle royale game, PUBG Mobile, in India. millions of gamers will start losing access to this game. The rumors of banning PUBG in India were spreading weeks ago and now the Indian government has finally banned Pubg Mobile along with 118 Chinese Application.

The most recent flood of ban sees nearly 118 applications taken off cell phones in India, in any case, however, the greatest loss among these apps is PUBG Mobile – a battle royale game that is ostensibly one of the greatest multiplayer sensations of the most recent couple of years. You can imagine its popularity with this, that millions of users over India log into the application on a daily basis, and invest energy as well as cash on this multiplayer game that has become typical on both Android and iOS cell phones in the nation.

For the unenlightened, PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite have been prohibited in the nation on the backdrop of escalating tensions between India and China. The administration in a public statement has clarified that they are serious about this whole PUBG ban thing because its servers are based in China. Which can harm our citizens’ information and privacy.

The Indian government stated that the step to ban PUBG “will defend the interests of Indian mobile and internet users” and is a choice that is “targeted progress to guarantee security and sway of Indian cyberspace.”

The Indian government tying PUBG Mobile’s and PUBG Mobile Lite ban on the matters of country safety, You can still play PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite for a little more time till the government bans it totally. Who knows it may stop working right after you read this article. Indeed, for reasons unknown, that is not totally the case.

How you can still access PUBG ( Player Unknown Battle Ground )

As per the most recent order by the administration ( The Indian Government ), Only PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Mobile have been prohibited in India for the time being, You can still get access to the servers of the parent game, PUBG, with the government still allowing gamers access it.

On paper, the explanation behind this appears to be the fact that PUBG doesn’t have any Chinese connections, and rather utilizes servers run by PUBG Corporation. an entity that is basically based out of South Korea. Currently lets users still Play this game in India. But not on tablets or mobile phones, but instead on PCs.

While this may not be perfect for all the users of India, it still lets gamers of India to access PUBG game, even if it’s from a stage not of their decision or comfort. But if the matter of comfort is overlooked, there’re some benefits if we play this game on PCs. PUBG gives much more amazing graphics on PC and also ensures more immersive gameplay.

The main genuine drawback is that the game on PC is paid, and furthermore requires a decent speed rig to run on. However, if these are major issues for you, there’s additionally PUBG Lite for PC, which offers nearly a similar gaming experience, yet without an expense, and the requirement for a powerful gaming PC.

List of 118 Chinese Apps Banned By the Indian Government

Not Only PUBG, but The Indian Government also Banned 118 Chinese Apps, Below is a list of those Chinese apps which are recently being banned by the Government:-

Click Me to check the list of apps

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