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PUBG Is Now Available for Free on Google Stadia For Two Months

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In recent times PUBG has become very famous among the players. This Bluehole Inc. owned game has gathered a huge user base and has created a separate space for itself in the industry. PUBG has a huge user base on mobile as well as on PC. Recently Stadia has announced that the PC version of PUBG will be available for free on the platform. The game streaming platform by Google has recently added various games to its library and PUBG is one of them. The announcement was made during Google’s Stadia Connect from Tuesday, April 28.

People can access the PUBG game on Stadia without a pro subscription for two months. It means the game is available for free for both the pro and non-pro users. After two months the free users will be removed from the list and they will have to purchase the game. When this free access will end then the users will have to purchase the Stadia Pro subscription for $9.99 per month and then they will be to access the game again.

According to the report by 9to5Google, the base version of PUBG is available on Stadia for $29.99 to purchase which doesn’t require a monthly subscription. The Pioneer Edition is available for $39.99. But the Stadia Pro subscribers can redeem the Pioneer version of the game.

So if PUBG is available on Stadia for free then the users with an Xbox, a Play Station, and PC can play together. During this lockdown time, these multiplayer games like PUBG are cutting off people’s boredom. And when it’s freely available on Stadia then it will be great fun.

Note that for now, Stadia is not available in India. This service is only available in selected countries like Canada, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Belgium, and a few others. But Google can’t ignore the Indian market and they will launch Stadia in India soon.