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Extramovies- Latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu Movies Download Website 1080p, Is it Legal?

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Extramovies – Whenever some want to entertain themselves the one thing comes in their mind is movies. Movies are the best way of entertainment. People like to enjoy the movies with their friends and loved ones. If you choose the right movie at the right time then it can give you amazing memories. Different people have different tastes in movies depending upon their choice. Many people like romantic movies whereas many like to watch thriller movies.

Today’s time the movie industry is growing exponentially. The moviemakers are coming up with new ideas and concepts to entertain the audience. The newest trend that people are observing is web series. The audience likes to watch the thriller concept of web series and short movies.

There are many people who regularly watch movies in theaters and are big fans of them. Many people like to watch movies every month and many people watch them once a week.

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The regular movie viewers always search that if there is any movie released in recent times. There are many viewers who are actively searching for these recent movies online. Many of these people go to theaters to watch movies and many don’t. The people who do not go to theaters many of them try to download movies online. Here websites like extramovies come in the game.

Many people use the extramovies website to download movies online. People also use this website to download various movies and web series when they are released. But many of them don’t have proper knowledge about whether they should use the extramovies website or not. So today in this article I will try to answer all the questions regarding this website. At the end of the article, you will get an idea of whether you should use this website or not. Stay tuned till the end and I am sure you will get a lot of knowledge with this article.

Extramovies Bollywood, Hollywood Movies

Extramovies is a website that provides Bollywood and Hollywood to download for the people. There are lakhs of people who visit this website monthly and use it for that purpose. But actually many people don’t know that extramovies is an illegal piracy website. The working model of extramovies doesn’t comply with the copyright protection policies of the Indian government. They distribute the copyright content without the proper legal permission. If people want to distribute any copyright then they should have the proper legal permissions from the copyright owners.

Extramovies has different domains with the same name but a different extension. The admins of these types of websites try to buy all the domain extensions of the same domain. This way they try to fool the authorities and keep on doing their work. But most of the time authorities find them out and block their domains. Many times authorities also receive complaints from moviemakers and they take action upon them.

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There the Indian legal authorities keep a strict watch on these types of websites. The authorities have also banned many domains of extramovies but they again launch the website. Actually, in this era of technology, it is very difficult to ban or block something permanently. Whenever they are banned by the government, extramovies admins relaunch the website with a new domain.

Since websites like extramovies have started using the latest technology so it becomes difficult for the government to tackle them. This website may be a group of people doing this work of piracy. Because in the past police have arrested several people for running a website named Tamilrockers. People should always choose the right way to download movies and must avoid websites like extramovies.

Extramovies website Legal or Illegal?

Extramovies is absolutely an illegal website that is indulged in the piracy of various movies. This website shares the copyright content with its users to download. Actually, if anyone wants to share the copyright content which he/she doesn’t own then they must have the legal permission to do that. People who have such permissions from the real copyright owner can distribute the content without any problem. But since we all know that extramovies website doesn’t have any permission like that so they are considered as illegal by the law.

Government take action against such people and block the website’s URL. But the admins of extramovies seem to be technically advanced. These people try every method and technique to sustain their website in this field. Whenever the government finds extramovies domain doing anything illegal they block them straight away. But the admins of extramovies has different domains with a different extension. Sometimes such people might have the same domain name with the different domain extensions. As you all know that there are many extensions available for the same domain name. So these people try to but all those variations of the domain extension to dodge the legal authorities.

Many people know that the way extramovies website is working is not legal. And they might also know that these activities of harm the movie industry at a very high level. But there are few people who still use these websites to download the movies. But they themselves have to understand that how harmful these websites can be. So they should adopt some legit ways to download movies rather than using the extramovies website.

Safety Concerns

Apart from being an illegal extramovies website might be a possible threat to privacy as well. People think that downloading movies from such a website can be safe but some times it might be unsafe in some cases. There are many possible threats that might be waiting for you when you visit such a website. Your system might be attacked and your data may fall into danger. So to avoid all those circumstances I will tell you some points that you should always keep in mind before visiting websites like extramovies. The rest is on you what you will choose to do.

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Cookies Consent on Extramovies

First when you visit a website then every website puts some cookies into your browser. If that website is legit then they will tell you why they are putting those cookies. Generally, they mention that information on their cookies consent policy page. Every website has its privacy policy page in which they tell you everything about how they use the information that you share with them. So you should always read that page while visiting a website. But generally, websites like extramovies never disclose those types of information. They never tell you what kind of cookies they put into your browser.

Many times websites like extramovies don’t even have the privacy policy page so that is the indication for you as this website is unsafe. Because many cookies are so dangerous that they can put malware into your browser. This can lead to a possible privacy concerns for you. In this age of technology your personal data can be the most precious thing you have.

Spammy Advertisement

Extramovies type websites are generally avoided by legit advertising networks like Adsense and others. So these websites generally use some other spammy advertisements. Many of these websites use popup ads to monetize the content. So for those who don’t know what popup ads are then let me tell you. When you visit websites like extramovies then must have seen a popup opens suddenly. That popup might try to sell you something. So this is what popup ads are. These are many ad networks that serve popup ads. According to many opinions the advertisers who can’t use Google’s ad network and other legit ad network only use popup ads.

Because Google never allows low quality and spammy ads to run on its ad network. Therefore the websites on Google’s ad network always get good quality ads. But these popup ad networks get low-quality ads and show them on their partner website like extramovies. So if you buy anything from these ads then it might not worth the money you spend. Apart from the money these ads some times promote such activities and games that might not be legal according to the laws of your country and region. Many times these ads are so annoying that they make leave the extramovies movies.

So that is also a reason why legit websites never use these ad networks as they might increase the bounce rate of the website. And for legit websites, their user experience is a must but extramovies use this type of ad network enormously. So beware about such advertisement on any website be it extramovies or any other.

Why Extramovies So Popular?

There is much reason for which extramovies is so popular website. Actually, this website and its search queries are quite old. Whenever a new movie comes into the cinemas then people rush on this type of website. Many people search the movies by name and many directly land on extramovies websites to download them. The extramovies website is famous for uploading the latest movies and T.V shows on the website and provide the people to download them. Apart from movies this website also uploads the latest web series on the website. The web series is the latest trend in the entertainment industry so they are also targeted by these piracy websites. Since web series are also searched online many times so when people find them on extramovies then they download them. This way also this website gets the popularity.

Apart from these reason some other reasons are also mentioned below so you can check out them as well.

Extramovies Leaks Bollywood Movies to Download

Since we all know that the Bollywood movie industry is one of the most famous movie industries around the world. So people around the world search for them. Many people check about the latest Bollywood movies show and many people check about reviews for a particular movie. But there is a significant no. of people who also search for downloading the movies online. Here comes the extramovies website to play. this website constantly leaks the latest Bollywood movies on the website.

Whenever a new movie comes to the theater within some days of its release people start visiting extramovies to download it. Many people know that it might not be legal but still, they do that. People think that it is okay to download the content from extramovies but it is not. By leaking the latest movies extramovies get more famous among such people. But soon the movie makers do a copyright strike on such websites and take them down

extramovies 2020

Extamovies Telugu Movies

Telugu movies have a huge fan base in India and all around the world. The movie stars are some of the most admired and liked personalities in India. People are just crazy about movie stars and never miss their single movies. Due to their content Telugu movies have gathered a significant no. of audiences. There are millions of people who watch Telugu movies. Whenever a new movie is released then people start searching it online. There are some movies that the Telugu industry has produced and those movies are absolutely gem. The movie name becomes a top trending topic on the internet. Extramovies and other similar websites target those keywords and bring thousands of traffic to the website. All these qualities make Telugu movies a top target for extramovies.

Such people who download the movies online are in millions. Therefore the actvities of extramovies causes a lot of harm to the revenue of the movie. If extramovies leakes the latest movie then there are lots of people will not go to theaters to watch.

Extramovies Hollywood Movies

Extramovies also target Hollywood movies and leak them on the website. There are many Hollywood web series that are constantly targeted by extramovies. Hollywood movies are watched all around the world and they have an international fan base. People like to watch Hollywood movies because of their exceptional actions seen. People like the way they present the movie and many Hollywood movies have become the symbol of perfection as well. By targeting Hollywood movies extramovies tries to gather the international audience. That’s why they get traffic from various countries.

Tamil Movies on Extramovies

As I told you earlier this website not only targets a single language movie but many movies are present on it. Tamil movies are one of those language movies that extramovies continuously targets. Many people say that movie pirates first started targeting Tamil movies only and then moved to other language movies. Tamil movies are always been a prime target for extramovies and other websites. Because the fan base is crazy for Tamil movies they like to watch each and every movie of their favorite movie star. Rajnikanth is one of the most famous Tamil movie stars and his movies are watched by not only Tamil but other language speaking people as well.


Note:- Piracy of any original content under Indian law is a punishable offense. firmly rejects this type of piracy. The content presented here is only to present you with the required information about the illegal activities. Its objective is not at any time and in any way to encourage piracy and immoral acts. Please stay off from such websites and pick the right way to download the movie.