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Ecommerce Platforms to Star Accepting Orders for Mobile Phones

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In India, the eCommerce platforms will be starting to accept the orders for mobile phones and other non-essential goods amid the lockdown. These orders will be only accepted from orange and green zones. The red zone is still excluded from this list. In the red zone, only the essential items will be delivered. A few days back the Government of India announced lockdown 3.0. With this announcement of extending the lockdown, the government also gave some relief to e-commerce platforms. Now they are allowed to sell essential as well as non-essential goods in green and orange zones. This extension can also be seen as a small step towards opening the lockdown in the near future. Because this reopening is very essential for the economy.

The e-commerce platforms have also made special preparation to deliver the goods. Companies say that they have trained the delivery boys on how to take precautions while delivering any item. This will reduce the risk for both the customer and the person who is delivering the items.

Apart from this, these small exemptions in the lockdown will also help the common people a lot. The government is trying to do some experiments and if this works then they will surely continue giving more reliefs like that. This will also help the life to bring back to normal. But the government has also stated that everyone should have to follow the social distancing regardless of their zones.

Considering the seriousness of this issue the government divided the country into three zones red, orange, and green. Every district is classified according to the critical condition within the district. This is a part of a strategy to contain this situation as much as possible.

Despite resuming the services for non-essential items the companies might see a significant drop in sales. Because all the major metropolitan cities are under the red zone.