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Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar will be released in India on April 3

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After a long wait and short delay, finally, the launch date of disney+ Hotstar is out. Star India is now all set to upgrade the video-on-demand platform to Disney+ Hotstar on April 3. Previously the launch was scheduled for March 29th but due to the ongoing pandemic, Star India had to postpone it. With this release date, they have also announced the pricing pack for the upgraded platform that will tell you later in this article. But this pricing might disappoint you so stay tuned till the end of the article.

Disney+ Hotstar Pricing

Well, with pushing the launch date Disney+ Hotstar has also pushed their pricing a bit higher. Now we will have to pay Rs. 399 per year to access Disney+ Hotstar VIP, prior it was for Rs. 365. The Disney+ Hotstar Premium has been jumped to Rs.1,499 per year from Rs. 999. Apart from this if you want to access Disney+ originals like the Star Wars series, The Mandalorian you will have to choose the second plan.

With the new Disney+ Hotstar subscription viewers will get to download unlimited content from Disney+. Disney+ Hotstar has also made some changes to the app layout. They have added a new navigation bar with the “channels” option in it. With this option, you can search for your favorite channels like Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, and National Geographic.

In this platform, all the Disney movies and shows will be dubbed into local languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, etc.


I think this is the best time to launch the service when everybody is in their homes. People are spending more time watching shows and streaming movies. For the past couple of days when India has announced the lockdown, streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime have recorded a huge hike in their viewership. I think Star India don’t wanna let this opportunity go that’s amid the lockdown they have taken this decision.

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