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All About Bhakti Yoga 2021

Bhakti Yoga 2021: Benefits Of Doing Bhakti Yoga, Ways to Perform It

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Bhakti Yoga 2021:- In this article, you are going to learn about a form of i.e. Bhakti-yoga. So without any further delay let’s start. Someone who does bhakti-yoga is known as a bhakti yogi, when you do it properly, this finally leads one to view and love God in a variety of forms.

The route of this yoga teaches that it is our way of love, and its own strength, instead of the specific form that is loved, that determines its success. True bhakti isn’t achieved through loud chanting and extreme emotions but through serene feeling.

The concept of Bhakti yoga is described in the Hindu sacred texts, the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads. It involves devotion to divine or universal consciousness. Bhakti just helps to practice a different dimension. It’s Really Hard in the day-to-day world to keep awareness and stay positive

What is Bhakti Yoga?

What is Bhakti Yoga
What is Bhakti Yoga

The Sanskrit term bhakti comes in the main Bhaj, meaning “Worship God.” This yoga was known as”love for love’s sake” and “union through love and devotion.”

“Bhakti is the practice of a private connection with God,” A frequent motif in bhakti-yoga is sincere, direct dedication and its excellence within rigid principles and rules.

It is inspired by a love of God as opposed to the fear of negative punishment or consequences and has been called the sweetest of the yogic ways because it develops acceptance and love for all beings.

The ultimate manifestation of this yoga is present to the Divine as one’s internal self. The path includes focusing on one’s thoughts, emotions, and perceptions about the Divine.

Some Bhakti yogis May worship a particular god, though some might take the wider approach of committing to the Divine in almost everything. In Hinduism, there are 3 Chief categories of Bhakti yogis who worship Certain Gods:

  • Shaivism devotes their worship to Shiva and his family.
  • Shaktism devotes their worship to Devis such as Durga and Kali.
  • Vaishnavism devotes they are worshipers of Vishnu and his avatars.

It is stated that attaining union with God through this yoga demands patience, determination, and complete dedication, and surrender to the God, not just a superficial effort at worship.

Benefits of Bhakti Yoga

  • Bhakti Yoga calms your personality and keeps you away from negative emotions such as anger, ego, and arrogance.
  • It provides you knowledge and peace.
  • You truly feel joyous and blissful through Bhakti Yoga.
  • It takes away your worry, nervousness, and anxiety and keeps you calm.
  • Bhakti Yoga reduces your pains and sorrows.
  • It will offer you an experience of the divine.
  • Bhakti Yoga can help you control your perceptions and handle demanding situations easily.

Ways to Perform Bhakti Yoga

Ways to perform Bhakti Yoga
Ways to perform Bhakti Yoga

An enthusiast can pick any way from the guide given below, which suits you the best.

1. Sravana

This is a type of bhakti-yoga that involves listening or hearing god’s virtues, prayers, songs, and stories. When a devotee gets absorbed in hearing of Divine stories, his mind merges in the thought of divinity and loses charm for the material world.

2. Kirtana

Kirtana makes you listen to spiritual and devotional songs that fill you with happiness and positive energy flows into your mind and body.

The devotee’s mind is always inclined towards singing God’s glories and has no interest in the worldly concerns. Kirtana purifies the heart and dissolves the ego.

3. Smarana

Kirtana is singing of God’s praises with a pure heart and also it purifies the heart and dissolves the ego. Devotional music, dance, chanting and reading scriptures are all part of the Kirtana.

The mind is ever intent upon singing Lord’s Names and glories and it has no occasion to take interest in things of the world. Day and night the devotee feels the presence of God and thins out his ego.

4. Padsasevana

Pad means feet. Padasevana is serving the Lord’s feet. Padasevana can be done only by Goddess Lakshmi or Parvati. The service of the feet of God can be done through ceremonial worship through idols or idols in temples or the mental image of God.

Another way to do Padasevana is to serve the sick, needy and poor. By serving humanity, a devotee provides service to God.

5. Archana

Archana means the worship of God. Worship can be done either through an image or mental form. The latter one is an advanced form of worship that only men of purified intellect can do.

The purpose of worship is to please the Lord, to purify the heart through the surrender of the ego and love of God. Serving the poor and worshipping saints purifies the heart through the surrender of the ego and the love of God.

6. Vandana

Vandana is prayer and prostration. Humble hustler touching the earth with eight body parts. The devotee should bow before everything in absolute devotion, thinking that he is bowing before God Himself.

The ego is effaced out completely through devout prayer and prostration to God. one’s ego gets dissolved completely, the Divine Grace descends upon the devotee and man becomes God.

7. Dasya

A devotee loves God like a faithful servant. Worshipping the idols in temples, cleaning the temples, serving the saints and devotees, and serving the sick and poor who are forms of God is part of Dasya Bhakti.

To follow the words of the scriptures, to act according to the prohibition of the Vedas, to regard them as a direct word of God, is Dasa-bhakti.

8. Sakhya

Sakhya-Bhava is the cultivation of a friend-sentiment with God. The devotee’s relationship with God has the same dynamics as experienced in close friendships.

To be always with the Lord, to treat him as one’s own relative or a friend, belonging to one’s own family, to be in his company at all times, to love him as his own, are the Sakhya-Bhava of the path of devotion.

9. Atmanivedana

Atma-Nivedana is self-surrender. In the Vishnu-Sahasranama it is said: “The heart of one who has taken refuge in Vasudeva, who is wholly devoted to Vasudeva, gets entirely purified.

God is there who will look to everything that man cannot even dream of. He has no erotic longing because he has none as he offers to God.


So this was all the knowledge I had about Bhakti-yoga, I really recommend this yoga method for people who are looking for inner peace and want to connect with God.

Doing this yoga method will also help you to find out the answer to the three questions which we all need to figure out, who you really are? what is your true strength? and your reason why are you here?

I hope you like the article if you do feel free to share it with your loved ones.

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