Apple to Bring Face Unlock Feature While Wearing the Mask

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During this situation of worldwide lockdown and uncertainty tech giants are coming forward with the latest technologies. Companies are testing technologies that may help people during the effect of this pandemic. Apple has started testing a new feature for iPhone users. According to some reports, the US-based tech company is testing a new face unlock feature on the latest iOS beta version.

In this update, it will be easier for the users to unlock their phones using the face unlock while wearing the mask. Face unlock is a feature that scans your face with your eyes open and unlocks your phone. While using the feature you face should be fully visible to the scanner otherwise process may fail. Since these days people are using a face mask or covering their faces with a piece of cloth so they are facing problem to unlock their iPhones.

Keeping in mind this concern of its users Apple has come up with this latest feature. For now, the feature is in the testing face on beta version iOS 13.5. The latest version of the iOS can be download on the selected iPhones. If everything goes fine the feature may be available to everyone user

In most of the latest models on the iPhone, they have removed the home button and Touch ID as well. Most iPhone users use face ID as it the best option to keep your mobile phone safe. The face ID is not only used to unlock the device but also in the authentication of payments. Face ID has absolutely become a way to convenience. But when this feature fails to identify the user then they have to wait for the passcode screen. This may take 15-20 seconds to appear on the screen. If not then users might have to remove the face mask that might be dangerous at this time. The new feature will surely solve this problem in modern times.