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Amazing Image to Text Converter Tool – Text from Image or PDF

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The term converting or extracting text from images or PDF files is very much easy to understand, and it is as per is the process in which you convert text from an image to an actual textual format file, but you guys should know that as easy as it sounds it is not at all easy and it requires a lot of hard work and a tremendous amount of time!

Now there are many reasons and situations especially in online business and in software houses where you have to convert and extract content, but we won’t limit this content to the professional workers rather we are going to talk about a solution for all of you who need the image to text conversion services and that with immediate effect too! 

Let us talk about a situation first in which you will surely need an image to text converter tool, and you have text that you need to use in your content that belongs to a notebook or a textual content book. Now suppose that you have to submit your work worth thousands of words in a few hours, what will you do?

You will either start writing the content manually yourself, or you will hire a bunch of people and assign them portions of the book for extraction.

You may be able to manage the work within the given deadline, but you should know that not only will you tire yourself with the relentless effort, but you will also pay a heavy amount of money for outsourcing the work to writers or freelancers for that matter! Now today, we are going to help you guys in getting familiar with the tool that will help you a lot in the online conversion of this kind and a lot of others!

Image to text converter by!

So, peeps, the tool that we are going to discuss today is the one by searchenginereports. We will not tell you to waste your time with the details of the importance of this tool or the repute of SER. Rather we want you guys to know about its working and its features so that you can get going with your work of conversion right away without any problem. Just keep in mind there is nothing to be confused about in the use of this online image to text converter; unlike other online tools, this is a very simple and versatile tool!

Working on the image to text converter tool!

Here are some of the steps that, if you follow, you can simply learn how to operate this without any complications!

  1. First of all, go to, you will land on a new webpage, this is the main interface of the image to text converter tool.
  2. Now when you are in the tool, you have to navigate to the place where the tool has its upload button that says ‘choose files for uploading,’ click on this button, and you will be directed to your image drive from where you can grab the images files or PDF files that have text on them.
  3. You should know that this tool offers multiple options for uploading your content, you can upload your files from online platforms as well; these include Google drive and dropbox. 
  4. If you have an online image for which you want to extract text from, you just need to copy the image path, which is also known as the image URL in the blank URL bar in the tool.
  5. Where you are done with pasting the input, you just have to click on the ‘convert’ button below the tool and give it a couple of seconds for conversion. The image to text converter will take around three to twenty seconds in the conversion of the text depending on the size of the file that you have entered.
  6. You can download the word file, or you can also simply grab the converted text in your clipboard.
  7. If you have more than one file to convert, then click on the ‘convert more’ button!

Now, as you have witnessed the easy use of the tool, you also need to know some of its best features!

Features of the image to text converter!

  • The tool is free and allows unlimited uploads!
  • The tool requires no registration for free and limitless use.
  • You should know that this image to text converter tool keeps your work safe and secure.
  • The tool can accept and is capable of converting different formats and fonts of writing.
  • The tool uses AI for conversion, and this is the reason that it can convert any kind of text, you can even convert mathematical equations. The OCR online feature is unique in this league of tools, but this amazing tool has it!
  • You can use this tool on different devices as it is compatible with every one of them.
  • The image to text converter is capable of extracting text from low-resolution images and badly scanned ones too!