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9xmovies – Bollywood and Hollywood Movies Download in HD 9xmovie 300mb 480p, Is it safe?

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9xmovies – Movies are a great way of entertainment. People of all ages and gender like to watch movies and get entertained. Everybody likes to watch movies according to their interest and taste. Today’s movie industry is a very large industry around the world. This industry gives jobs to a large number of people. In this age, movies are not just made with the intention of making money but they also give some social message. By watching movies people get to learn a lot of things and it helps to bring change in the society as well. However today we are not here to discuss the movies but today we will discuss a website that is known as 9xmovies.

Yes, friends in this article we are going to discuss this website. In recent days, the 9xmovies website is getting very much popular so I decided to share some knowledge with you. Actually many people are using this website without even knowing anything. And using anything without proper knowledge can be dangerous. Stay tuned till the end of this article or you will miss a lot of information. I am sure this information will definitely help you decide whether you should use 9xmovies to download movies or not.


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9xmovies Bollywood Movies Website Overview

Under this heading, you will get to know all the basic information about the 9xmovies website. Therefore I will ask you to read this para very carefully otherwise you will miss out on many things. When a new movie releases people want to watch that movie. In the initial days of the release of the movie, there is only one way to watch i.e. to watch it in the theater. I think that is the best way to experience the real charm of all the characters of that movie. But there are two types of people one is the people who can afford the tickets and other ones try alternative ways.

Here 9xmovies come into play. The second type of people who try alternative ways to watch the movies and search them to download online from torrent websites. Many of such people may land of illegal piracy doing websites like 9xmovies. 9xmovies is an illegal torrent downloading website. This website leaks the newly released movies online on their website. Since the content is not owned by them and apart from that, they do not even have any legal rights to distribute it.

So this whole process comes under the piracy that is illegal in India and in most of the countries. So like most of the torrent movie downloading websites 9xmovies is also not a legit one. And like most of those websites 9xmovies also leak latest Bollywood, Tollywood and Hollywood movies. For the past few months, this website has gained a lot of popularity and has gained an immerse audience. According to some stats whenever this website has millions of users every month whenever this site is live.

So here I have used the word “whenever” because 9xmovies is not up to the laws so the government of India has blocked it. But the administrators of 9xmovies misuse the technology and again open the website with a new domain. So this is the biggest challenge that our governments are facing in fighting piracy.

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9xmovies Popularity Reason

Under this heading, we will discuss why 9xmovies other illegal websites are so popular. Since many people have this question in mind so I would like to answer it. So there is no one reason behind the popularity of 9xmovies. There are many factors and causes that help this website to gain popularity and become famous.

The first most prominent and convincing reason is that 9xmovies takes advantage of the psychology of a normal human being. Suppose you are in a market and a branded store is selling a watch for $200. But there is a shop just next to that shop which selling the same watch for $50. The difference between both the watches is that the first one is original and the second one is duplicate.

So in this case, although the overall quality of the duplicate item is not good still many people will buy it because it looks exactly the same as the real watch. So this is the psychology of a normal person that is targeted by the 9xmovies website. Since many people don’t like to pay and watch movies and such people are the ideal audience for the piracy websites.

These website improves its organic visibility and reaches such people. Although this whole thing is wrong it is a sad reality. The movie industry is suffering a lot due to this whole thing. So I would like to ask you people to please avoid using the 9xmovies website and adopt some legal ways to download the movies. Apart from this, there are some other reasons that are mentioned below

9xmovies Bollywood Movies

As we all know that Hindi movies or Bollywood movies are one of the most known movie industries. There are billions of people around the globe who like to watch Bollywood movies. Therefore Bollywood movies are the prime target of 9xmovies and other similar websites. They try to leak almost every new Bollywood movie on the websites.

Due to piracy Bollywood movies has to suffer a lot of monetary loss every year. But for an artist the monetary loss is secondary and respect is the primary concern. When people go to the theater and watch the movie then there can’t anything better than that. But moviemakers these days are also very careful about the acts of 9xmovies and many times they take timely actions as well.

9xmovies Tamil Movies

Tamil movies have a big market share in India. They are one of the most successful movie industries in the country. Tamil movies have a worldwide viewership and fan base and after Bollywood, it is known as the second most profitable industry. Every year Tamil movie industry releases hundreds of movies not only India but globally as well. People are just crazy about these movies and Tamil movie stars have the craziest fan base.

All these qualities of Tamil movies make them an easy target for websites like 9xmovies. These types of websites always try to leak Tamil movies and by doing so they also generate a huge amount of money as well. But piracy from 9xmovies and other websites is not anything new for moviemakers and they take precautions as well.

9xmovies Telugu Movies

Telugu movies are on the target of piracy websites as well. This movie industry has produced a number of good movies and screenplays. Recently they are gaining a lot of national and international recognition due to the recent movies produced by them. Many people confuse Tamil movies with Telugu movies and think that they are the same.

But actually, they are two different language movie industry but many stars work in both the industries i.e. Tamil and Telugu. In both industries, people love their stars very much but they still download movies from websites like 9xmovies. Such people have to understand that due to the activities of the 9xmovies movies industry has to suffer a lot. So choose the right to download movies.

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New Links of 9xmovies

Many people come online and search this term to get the latest links of 9xmovies. People have to do so because due to the illegal activities of 9xmovies government block the domain of 9xmovies. But the admins of this website misuse the technology and reopen the 9xmovies website with a new domain which common people known as links. After launching the new domain these websites rank very fast on the search engine because of SEO.

Now some people debate here about the type of SEO they use. Because there are some techniques that can rank a website quickly but many of them are not allowed by google.

Also for your knowledge, the website like 9xmovies tries to buy all the variants of their domain beforehand. Because they know that the government can ban them anytime and they can be penalized. They just change the extension of the domain name and but the domain that exactly matches the previous one. So by this trick, 9xmovies confuse the legal authorities and try to sustain for as long as they can.

Does 9xmovies Website Earn Money?

Yes, absolutely 9xmovies and other similar websites earn money by providing this downloading content. People think that if they are illegal so they can’t make money, actually if you have visitors on your website then you can earn money in many ways. Although the options for 9xmovies to monetize their traffic are very limited. I am saying so because if there is any legit ad network then such networks never associate themselves with websites like 9xmovies.

So these website has to adopt an alternative way to make money from their traffic. Many of those ways are really not good for you as visitors so you must know about them. So you should read this article till the end to save yourselves from such spammy networks. Because in this time of technology your private data is the most important thing that must guard against the website like 9xmovies.


For most of the legit websites, Adsense is the best option to monetize the traffic. Also for your knowledge Adsense has a very strict policy and regulation to keep up the quality of their network. It is also the biggest ad network for the publishers to monetize their content. But websites like 9xmovies can’t use Adsense because the content of 9xmovies doesn’t comply with the policies of AdSense. Adsense in their policy strictly says that people should have their original content only then they will monetize it.

But 9xmovies don’t have their original content and they also don’t have the legal rights to distribute the content that they have. The content that the 9xmovies website distributes on their website copyrighted content of the real owner and creator of it. So in this way, 9xmovies don’t comply with the policies of AdSense.

Popup Ads

This is the main revenue model of these types of websites. 9xmovies and other similar websites mainly use popup ads to make money from their traffic. The main reason for using popup ad networks by these websites is that these networks give approval without caring much about the content of any website. Actually, people don’t know much about these types of popup ads because they look the same as the content of any website.

For those people who still don’t know what popup ads are so let me explain it to you. When you go on a website and do some activity their some times a popup opens. This popup may try to sell you something so you have seen it anywhere it means that can be a popup ad. So here is a network that you must understand to keep you safe from any fraud by such popup ads.

Actually, the advertisers who can’t use Adsense to serve their ads on the website use this kind of popup ad networks to reach out to people. Generally, if the product is legit then people mostly use Adsense to reach out to their customers. But if the person has to such spammy and low-quality ad networks that means there is something wrong with product or service. So this can be a big hint to you to stop using the 9xmovies website if you don’t land into any online fraud.

Traffic Redirection

Sometimes these websites like 9xmovies redirect the traffic to earn money. These websites redirect traffic to many blogs and e-commerce websites and take money from them from the traffic they have redirected. People must be aware that the blogs or websites on which they are sent by 9xmovies are never. They many times ask you to click on some buttons. But you never know what happens after clicking on those buttons. These buttons can install anything on your system without you even knowing about it.

Is 9xmovies Website Legal?

As we discussed earlier that 9xmovies is an illegal website and you should not use it. But people around the world still use it because they don’t have proper knowledge about it. 9xmovies is a website that distributes different movies and web series online. Since they don’t have proper legal rights for distribution the government considers them illegal. For your knowledge, if you want to distribute any copyright item you have to take permission from the copyright holder.

And that permission is known as legal rights. As 9xmovies don’t have those legal rights so the real copyright owner can put DMCA strike on them. As a result of that strike, the government takes down these websites as soon as possible. But in this era of technology, it is very difficult to completely ban anything. So the admins of a website like 9xmovies misuse the technology and reopen the website using new domain extensions.

While launching the new domain they always keep in mind the previous banned domain name and just change the extension of the new domain. As you know that you can buy the exact domain with multiple extension so 9xmovies does the same. They just change the domain extension and keep the rest of the domain similar. This way 9xmovies try to acquire the visitors they have generated previously.

Now if we talk about the people who visit the 9xmovies website and download movies from then most of them are not fully aware. People don’t know about the consequences of downloading torrent movies. There are two types of risk people can face when they download movies from 9xmovies.

The first risk is that people can get into legal trouble because in many parts of the world it is completely illegal to do so. The second risk people can face downloading movies from 9xmovies is data privacy. We will talk about the second one under the next heading. So move on to the the next one.

9xmovies unsafe

9xmovies Safe or Unsafe?

Under this heading, we will talk about if 9xmovies website or not. So let me say this to you very frankly that 9xmovies and other piracy websites are never a safe option. There are several reasons behind it so we will talk about those reasons one by one. As we discussed earlier that this website promotes a lot of scammy products through the ads on their website. When people visit the 9xmovies website they get to see a lot of ads that try to sell something to them. Generally, these ads are very scammy and if people buy anything from them then they can land into financial trouble.

Another reason why people should avoid visiting the 9xmovies website is that they don’t mention their privacy policy. Generally when you visit some legit website so they always mention what they do to protect your privacy online. But this is not the case with 9xmovies and other similar websites.

Apart from this they never ever own the content which they provide you to download. And this is the riskiest thing that people to concern before downloading anything from there. There are several articles on Quora that can tell you easy it for the attackers to attack your system with just a video file. So by downloading a video file from a non-trustworthy source i.e. 9xmovies, you are putting your privacy at high risk. So, at last, I would to appeal to you all to adopt some legit ways to download movies rather than 9xmovies.


Note:- Piracy of any original content under Indian law is a punishable offense. firmly rejects this kind of piracy. The content presented here is simply to give you the information concerning the activities. Its objective is not at any time and in any way to encourage immoral and piracy acts. Please stay off from sites and select the ideal way to download the movie.