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707 mystic messenger

707 Mystic Messenger: Appearance, Background Story, 707 route, Tips

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In this article, I am going to provide you guys information about 707 mystic messenger. 707 is the nickname of Saeyoung Choi, his baptismal name is Luciel Choi. If someone of you doesn’t actually know what is the meaning of a baptismal name, then it is a name often given in a Christian community, sometimes they use a baptismal name instead of a Christian name.

707 or Saeyoung Choi is a 22-year-old boy who is an absolute genius at hacking and he is also a skilled agent. Saeyoung Choi helped to create the RFA Messenger application for RFA ( Rika’s Fundraising Association ). 707 is one of those people who love to have junk food, but his favorite food items are Honey Buddha Chips & Ph.D. Pepper.

As he has a strange way to talk that is why no one is able to understand what he is saying, if you want to know what 707 is saying then you have to be a protagonist. Just like you and me, he also has some hobbies like hacking and collecting sports cars. You’ll see when you play the video game that 707 or Saeyoung Choi tends to crush the 4th wall more than anyone.

Appearance Of 707 Mystic Messenger

Now talking about seven or 707 or Saeyoung Choi appearance then you most of the time you find him wearing a black color jacket that has amber accents. He has golden eyes with messy vermilion hair, he also wears glasses that have yellow with dark grey stripes.

His height is 5 feet and 9 inches or 175 cm and his weight is around 69 kg. Sometimes you can also see orange headphones and a silver cross necklace around his neck. It is quite rare to see 707 in a new outfit, as he loves to wear the same type of clothes.

But many people enjoyed that rare moment during a party, where he came up with a totally new outfit that consists of red accents over a black dress shirt, a white vest decorated, and a red tie.

Background Story of 707 Mystic Messenger

Let’s talk about the background story of the mystic messenger character 707 or seven, and I can assure you, you gonna find some shocking facts. Seven and his younger brother named Saeran grow up together in a very toxic household. Seven’s father is a current PM ( Prime Minister ) and also a strong candidate for the presidential election which is coming soon.

Now here comes the turn, seven’s father is not his official father as his mother and father never married to each other, and his father is worried because if this news comes out his possibility to win the presidential election can go down. That is why he found a way, he gave money to the woman ( Seven’s Mother ), so that she can shut her mouth and also raise seven and his younger brother.

His mother is not so good, he abused his younger brother because he is not strong as 707. As punishment, she beat him, not give him food and water for days. Seven sees all this and decided to run away, but before that, he has to find out some career that can make him that he and his brother can survive in the world.

He found some books on computing that helped him to learn hacking. When he was at the church he met Rika and after some time he met V. Later on V suggest Seven start work at IHC ( Intellectual Hacking Company ), at first 707 refuse to join it, because it was not allowed to take his younger brother with him. But V convinced him to go, and then he decided to join the company because V & Rika promised him to take care of his brother.

707 Mystic Messenger Relationships

In this point, I will tell you about 707 mystic messenger relationships. I mean what type of relationship does 707 has with other mystic messenger characters. To make all this more simple for you, I have given a 707 relationship table below, have a look:-


Relationship With 707


Younger Brother


Best Friend/Helped 707 In his Career 


Good Friend/707 Helped him gaining popularity by hacking


Most Trusted Friend/Best Friend


Good Friend


Good Friend


Someone, for whom 707 cares a lot


Good Friend/Take of Care 707




Younger Twin Brother

Mother Choi


Saejoong Choi


How To Get 707 Route Walkthrough

This point is full of information, which will guide on how to get the 707 route. Below you can find the information, have a look:-

  • I’m [ Enter Your Name ]. What is this place & who are you all?
  • I’m flustered too. A messenger app connected me with a stranger and he gave me the address.
  • Yes, I don’t know anything.
  • (any)
  • (any)
  • (any)
  • (any)
  • (any)
  • I have no interest. 
  • (any)
  • (any)
  • I don’t have any interest.

707 Route Walkthrough – Day 1

  • I am a quite different person.
  • Thank You
  • Have fun
  • Hi, Seven.
  • Haha…The cat’s pretty.
  • It seems that 707 likes to joke around.
  • I feel he is funny.
  • Good Bye, my bae character
  • I will stand by you.
  • Later
  • You ain’t playing games? 
  • T feel yes way;
  • Can’t you tell me?
  • (any)
  • Bye, 707. 
  • Hi, Jaehee.
  • About me?
  • I feel it is going to be fun.
  • So… what is that I need to do specifically…
  • Why we should host a party again? what is the profit?
  • Why except Yoosung ..?
  • Bye.
  • How are you, Mr. Han?
  • Why?
  • Is the work/job difficult?
  • I will do my best.
  • I have no interest.
  • Winning the whole world.
  • (any)
  • Hello, Zen
  • You are good?
  • The party was quite huge.
  • Fame?
  • I am hungry…
  • Whoa~! Who is this person?
  • Because you like me?
  • Perhaps she’s still alive?
  • She is gorgeous.
  • What is the reason, you’ve to show it now;;
  • OKay.
  • Thank you for telling all these things to me.
  • Hi, Yoosung.
  • Do you play games fine?
  • What do you want me to do?
  • I will give my best.
  • I hope I can help.
  • Thanks
  • Good luck
  • You are on, Zen
  • Why?
  • Why I have to prove my worth to someone?
  • I intend to try my best for the first time.
  • I am not pretty sure about it…but for now, I think I will do it.
  • Jumin, just tell your cat my hi.
  • Did everyone eat?
  • Not yet…
  • It is not good for you to take out…
  • Ouch…
  • I will try to do my best.
  • I feel that is in the business hour
  • Mr.Han, Bye
  • No.
  • Why you are still up, Zen?
  • I tend to
  • I’m a little bit want interested to know what will happen.
  • V is really that important?
  • V is his name?
  • I’m gonna make an all-night commotion.
  • What are you doing?
  • I think you should do some exercise and then have a good sleep.
  • I don’t do any exercise either.
  • Do you have feelings for Rika?
  • I see.
  • I will give my best.
  • I will not
  • Bye
  • You are still awake, Jaehee.
  • I will give my best.
  • I’m quite curious about Seven.
  • You are also fun.
  • (any)

707 Route Walkthrough – Day 2

  • What are you try to do, Seven?
  • In my opinion, it is not good to spend too much time doing things you like to do.
  • Negative
  • The party date…Hmm?
  • 110-000-110 & 111-000-111
  • Lol, I am just kidding.
  • Oh yeah…I like the twisted love
  • If you think 707 there anything I can do for you, please let me know.
  • I want you to talk with me a little bit longer.
  • Thanks Thank
  • Haha, Okay, do not stress yourself.
  • Hi, Jumin
  • What is not so good about getting excited?
  • Haha…Well then, try to get me.
  • I do
  • I think then it may be quite hard for her as you are so busy with her.
  • Using Jaehee as a model is your choice?
  • I will take care of it, don’t worry.
  • An organization that takes care of street cats, It is really a great idea. 
  • I wish that today will be your best day!
  • Zen, Good Morning.
  • You do not like projects which are related to cats?
  • Why?
  • Then I will get
  • Did something happen, during the party?
  • Zen, I totally agree, no matter what you face has to be protected.
  • Jaehee, Good luck, I will also hope for that.
  • I guess that is a great idea. Nowadays too many people are getting allergic. Now tell him to contact me. 
  • Jaehee…We should become acquainted with one another
  • Good luck
  • It is so cool that you are meeting with the directors.
  • a;ejag;ifjdklv!!
  • How are you doing meow? Over.
  • None, lol, If I had to say, it would be this awkward situation happening right now.
  • Thanks, 707.
  • Really you don’t have any photographs of yourself?
  • I really want to know more, show me more.
  • Adopt one!
  • Your maid is quite dangerous
  • Awesome!!
  • Really good!! two birds with one stone 
  • Knee!! Meow!
  • Do not go
  • did you’ve lunch, Yoosung?
  • I did.
  • I am pretty sure that this meal has all the nutrients. 
  • Yoosung, cheer up. Money is nothing in front of a good and pure heart.
  • Cheer up, Jaehee!!
  • I totally trust 707 about that.
  • I am a little worried being honest, as I do not know anything about V. 
  • So, 707 works as a hacker and also works for Rika’s Fundraising Association.
  • I am confident it is not right to hide everything.
  • I thought, 707 was always a secretive type of person.
  • I am afraid that he is working on some harmful and dangerous things.
  • Oooh. Just like a movie lol
  • It must be hard for Jaehee to perform this job.
  • I am not sure you can open up banks like a shop.
  • I feel it is a great idea! now tell them to get in touch with me.
  • It was my pleasure to talk to you, Yoosung, goodbye!
  • I will talk to you later, Jaehee!
  • Hello, Seven.
  • Wow, I really want to know! How?
  • You experience happiness when you see your cars?
  •  Guess You love cars. Wow so cute! 707’s cute!
  • Be always careful meow
  • Alright, now tell me what you feel safe telling me.
  • Go get some food, you must be starving.
  • Zen, how is your day so far?
  • Do you think, Seven counts Ms. Vanderwood as an important person. 
  • lolololol This is very good lol
  • It is Jumin, the handsome man in a suit
  • You did not know?
  • There is nothing wrong with being honest, but I think if you say it in front of her, Jaehee will be upset.
  • Then I think she ( Jaehee ) can leave.
  • I did not get a chance to say goodbye
  • Jumin, you can not understand this, because you were never in her shoes.
  • To know the answer to why…you should keep a closer look.
  • Do you guys need a moment? Should I go?
  • I didn’t even get a chance to say bye…
  • Thanks for caring.
  • OMG, don’t forget to send me a selfie!!
  • I missed you, Yoosung!
  • Actually, it was quite funny to watch, haha.
  • Currently, that is what statistics say. I feel you know about women quite well.
  • So you never had a girlfriend before?
  • Wow! You are a popular guy!
  • You’ve not joined it yet?
  • I will grant it, now tell them to reach me
  • Bye
  • Cheer up 707! Sevenny! Sevv! Lovely Seven!
  • Anyone here.
  • Nope, we were just kidding.
  • Avoiding the question?
  • No…no way
  • So you’re forever alone or not? 
  • What is so wrong with being forever alone?
  • I’m a very open-minded person, I appreciate all types of people, so feel free to come out.
  • I am still having fun
  • He just ran away
  • Do not go
  • Hello
  • Well, I think, Jumin has his aura.
  • Zen, You smell just like a man.
  • But you were always polite to women…That is so cool!
  • Lamb kebab?
  • I feel it is a great idea, tell them to send an email to me.
  • Oh….Shower….
  • Oh my god! Jaehee, Zen was in a motorcycle gang!
  • I don’t have any interest
  • Since he is very unapproachable, then I feel it will be very hard.
  • I guess Jumin needs someone who can open him up.
  • Okay, so that is the case
  • Sound?
  • It would be very good to have 707 here right now.
  • Bye…Oh, a person who seeks to be a hero.
  • Since we are all alone here, there is something I want to ask you. Is Jumin…the heir?
  • Does 707 date women?
  • So he cares about animals
  • Thank you, Jaehee, Bye.

707 Route Walkthrough – Day 3

  • Did anything happen?
  • Hello, Zen
  • So what about LOLOL? Are they in server maintenance work or something?
  • Games are made to play at night
  • Cheer up, all this will come to end soon
  • Wow, I want to do it!
  • I listened that many guys living all alone love to cook
  • So you are bragging right now that you are tall?
  • I do, I think you must not be the one to nag, Zen.
  • What does that suppose to mean to be an adult, Zen? Yoosung… you do exercise?
  • Lolol Take after Zen
  • I got it. We’ve to fight through every day as if it is our last fight.
  • Oh my god, you are so cute, Zen!
  • I felt like you were just bragging about yourself
  • Those people who wait will be rewarded, good luck!
  • You said to me that V is a leader, won’t he take care of everything?
  • Can we trust V?
  • Hmm…let’s try our best not to get heated up
  • Lolol, you are so determined.
  • Is it a poster for a musical?
  • The beauty of mathematics amazes a mathematician!
  • Good idea! lol
  • Good night!
  • Lol, I feel the narcissism of Zen is getting out of control.
  • Try signing in lol
  • Good luck with it!
  • Hello, Jaehee! what about you?
  • OMG, Zen Zen!! My lovely Zen!
  • The photo!!
  • Wow, you got one, I want that.
  • I mean, there is no one who can beat Zen.
  • it’s a bit
  • That is a great idea
  • Chairman, lunch with the company! I’m sure it will be super fancy, hahaha!
  • Congrats
  • I feel doing a cat business will be a great thing.
  • New GF ( Girlfriend ), Mr.Han is single?
  • Oh my god, It is still so cute!
  • Sleep tight, Jumin!
  • I feel you will not get any breaks, Jaehee.
  • Me too, sleep tight!
  • You’re fine?
  • It feels like people don’t trust much other nowadays, what a brutal world!
  • It seems like you two talk quite often, he must trust you
  • Thank you for saying it, but I think everyone here is waiting for the party, so we can not let them down, hahaha!
  • But don’t you know everything about me already?
  • Ooh so amazing! lol, you are so right!
  • I want to eat Doctor Pepper & Honey Buddha Chips for my breakfast too, lol
  • Really? wow, so Jelly!
  • Sleep tight
  • Hello, Jaehee, had you get to work okay?
  • I am praying that 707’s health will get okay
  • Oh..congrats
  • The liberal son type of thing vs the traditional father?
  • I’ve to organize them into a list? I guess that is going to be a headache.
  • Jumin should relax and enjoy, it is time to partyyy!
  • Haha…oops, sorry lol, I will not laugh lol
  • And?
  • am sorry
  • I feel it is a great idea.
  • hearing what you are saying is making me sad and depressed.
  • I had a light lunch and it is good to see you 707.
  • One day lololol will slice Honey Buddha Chips with me.
  • Give Jumin some Honey Buddha Chips.
  • What’s that? lololol A brick? lolol
  • lolol what a gap moe.
  • Master Seven!
  • Very much like you loving your babies, Seven? lololol
  • You should enormously down that tasty steak!!!
  • Only what I like
  • I know, my love Grandpa Lamsay
  • It is not funny, Jumin. Please stop.
  • Gosh, I also wanna have that perfectly grilled delicious steak.
  • Let’s give him an invitation to him to this party.
  • lololol Melanin
  • you should not become addicted to those chips…it is not good to have those all the time….
  • The law of chew and melt is also there.
  • Melt it first and then chew it. lol
  • What is Mr. Han doing?
  • You do not think…no way…
  • If you are not.. then say it very clearly
  • Bye-bye to your source of money  
  • 707, what if you come out and live like that. I’d be very sad.
  • Good night, dream about me.
  • Hello, Yoosung
  • OMG photo of Zen OMG
  • I really pray that he would take care of himself…I think he gets stressed out so much.
  • What is?
  • I also wanna know!
  • I don’t get it why would someone bother to make an image like that.
  •  I also want one
  • perhaps he just hacked somewhere to get it?
  • lolol also save one for me
  • Hmm… I guess it’s a prejudice
  • You can not change anything by being jealous
  • Let’s all keep our attention.
  • Of course, I am pretty sure of that
  • Just go
  • Bye-bye… talk to you later
  • (any)
  • You will be fine, Jaehee!
  • (any)
  • Why they just can’t follow your looks;; tsk tsk
  • Yeah… that is the one they must try to immitate.
  • Wealthy people are so unique
  • Yep… it is no wonder that he is comfortable with his dad
  • Am I the only one who thinks that is a clear excuse?
  • I just can not believe it. lol
  • Oh my god, a diamond?
  • (any)
  • I guess I would always be worried about losing a pen-like that
  • Are not you being so square, Jumin? lol
  • You are kindding?
  • Let’s do it lol
  • (any)
  • Celebrities…?
  • I feel Jumin is a little bit too square. lol
  • Bye
  • You’re also jealous?
  • Zen, you are so great…I can feel your passion.
  • Bye, Zen, good luck today. I hope, I will see you on the stage someday.
  • Relax… Seven!
  • It must be hard
  • Tsk tsk. Not everyone is willing to do that.. you know.
  • Let’s make some money by selling her autograph
  • Tom…Hmm…very common name. I guess you can find at least one Tom in almost every neighborhood.
  •  If you want her contacts then hacking is perfect for that.
  • I just have faith in V.
  • Let’s wait a little more, Yoosung
  • First of all, calm down, Yoosung
  • I am quite sure that V and everyone will take care of that
  • What, Yoosung… is that what it was all about?
  • I totally agree.
  • You were nice and Santa gave it to you 
  • A story always leads to some other story and that leads to another…
  • It must be an emergency, Everyone leave!
  • Yeap… He ran off
  • Ok… Don’t bother. the party will definitely happen.
  • It is not right to spend a lot of your time on play games
  • I did, what about you, 707?
  • You’ve been exploited ever before?
  • I wanna know, God 707.
  • Black market? It is quite terrible!
  • The… the silhouette! A criminal!
  • Anyway!
  • God 707, protector of justice
  • I guess I should go and wipe my tears.
  • More money, oh yeah..
  • Oh my god, so amazing… you are so good, Seven!
  • So cool!
  • Eeeekeeekkeekkk!
  • Wow, how?
  • It is good for you… you did not get money for it, but you got Honey Buddha Chips! 
  • Oh, stock market genius! that is a great idea.
  • Zen… I am jealous of your food… it is going to feel your pheromone
  • (any)
  • please take care of your health… I will be very sad if you get sick
  • Have fun and also take care of yourself…
  • (any)
  • Hey
  • I am quite sure that he will take good care of it and Seven also seems to be working really hard.
  • You only talk to 707.
  • Being honest… It feels good when I talk to Seven
  • You both have to know each other families too
  • All women are the same.
  • (any)
  • I guess Yoosung is facing hard times, so please set it as soon as possible for everyone.
  • Let’s give her an invitation, it is a great idea
  • I and Yoosung are waiting desperately, so do not forget to set the date.
  • You do not often meet V?
  • Ok… good night
  • Hey hey hey!
  • I thought you both talk to each other quite often?
  • I am hoping that the date set soon/
  • No
  • Should I begin to annoying you like a childhood friend, 707? lol
  • You do not have any childhood friends?
  • Yeah… perhaps that person is nearby you already
  • What is wrong? Emergency?
  • (any)
  • (any)
  • Don’t go

707 Route Walkthrough – Day 4

  • did you read what 707 said?
  • I guess, he wanted to mess with you lol
  • Wow, Yoosung, you are really a smart person. If he sells it, he will become rich. lol
  • It is a type of convincing!
  • I want it all.
  • lololol, I think there is no comparison between both, there is nothing that can beat Honey Buddha Chips.
  • Anyway, V was here
  • Good thinking
  • Super Yoosung!
  • He’s, Let’s give him an invitation.
  • I am going to up for a little more time… have fun!
  • Huh? 707, you are still awake?
  • (any)
  • If Yoosung is #2, then he must be quite great!
  • So great meow, I also want her to meow!
  • Have fun and rule the lolol world 
  • Hello Yoosung
  • Just go and add him as a good friend. Quick lol
  • My Seven is good at almost everything
  • Yoosung, you have to put more effect and try harder
  • … I guess, I will need that.
  • Yoosung, you are going to school, right?
  • A maid… I feel that he lives in a different world than I do.
  • That is a little bit cold, Jumin
  • Still, you must know at least who she is…
  • Well, a corporate heir and a maid are not in the same class. lol
  • There is nothing we can do about that. They were different from their birth.
  • Do you have any idea about Seven, Jumin?
  • What do you think, how many names he has?
  • Prayers on her payday…lolol
  • I doubt it lol
  • Have you ever thought about getting a religion, Yoosung?
  • (any)
  • Perhaps something sophisticated, like sophisticated Choi? lol
  • Aren’t you going to school?
  • Okay…
  • Stop thinking about LOLOL, Yoosung, and have fun at school
  • lololol Jumin is pretty cute
  • Yoosung, Bye, remember not to skip your lunch!
  • Hunchy!!Hungry!!Hunkie!!
  • I wanna lick it
  • Well, who cares even if it tastes really good.
  • God 707! God 707!
  • lololol sin7 cos7 tan7
  • I was about to ask you via morse codes when we are alone
  • Awesome Seven!
  • 707, it is not nice to ask a woman that
  • Why he does not leave his cat with 707?
  • Perhaps Seven has his way of loving…
  • It must be hard for you… well, I think it is all for the corporation.
  • Seven, You can give some ideas to him
  • I think 707 can understand as he also has a job
  • That is a cool card, Jaehee, did you love it?
  • God bless you!
  • But God is always with you, inside your heart?
  • I can not! I just wanna live with you, Seven!
  • I guess it is all okay, the cat is so cute
  • You are great… I pray to god, you will not get any more work.
  • You must like them
  • Good luck, meow!
  • Hello, Zen 
  • That is so unfortunate. A new role would’ve been quite better.
  • You were on a subway? That is modest
  • Great idea!
  • I want to find out the real name of 707, he always tries to hide it.
  • Right, he always cracks jokes when he is around but he might be hiding a sad story behind his happy face.
  • 707 must have his story.
  • Yep… He is still really young
  • You are consistent with it… Good luck!
  • Seven!
  • You are a mysterious type of one, and you can not post selfies as often. lol
  • I want to cut your hair, should I? lol
  • lolol so no one press for meow’s answer!
  • Do not enter via my heart
  • 707, you are so popular
  • (any)
  • Sounds fun lolol
  • How lovely way to put it
  • Cheer up, 707!
  • He is gonna be fine… we are talking about Seven
  • Just run like the wind
  • Take care about school first
  • It looks quite different from the selfie of Zen
  • That is reality, boy
  • Jaehee is right. lol
  • He might be right here. lolol
  • Alright!
  • When do you go home…?
  • It must have been hard… so much fur
  • Cheer up, Jaehee!
  • The perfect man for a woman?
  • Good luck! until the day, you begin to rule the world of LOLOL
  • I really missed you Seven
  • Perhaps they gave it to you as you are the best? lol
  • (any)
  • How were your business tours?
  • I want to take a picture of Jumin while picking up grapes.
  • It is very fun to be dramatic, people can do it just for fun lol.
  • lololol I must get my farm hat on
  • Yep… women who like to be close to nature and also climb mountains
  • I do not have alcohol or then I am gonna fall with excitement. When it comes to wine, I love to drink 30 years old French wine.
  • I also wanna see Elly
  • I quickly feel sorry to Jaehee
  • You also like cats, Seven
  • Just wait, 707, relax
  • I agree
  • Seven, Good luck
  • I am pretty sure 707 means well though, I guess
  • I guess, 707 will get over it though. lol bye
  • Hi, Seven! working until late?
  • Great comparison lol
  • The sensor of the screen will have to work with the paws of the cat
  • Wow… 707, you are a wizard?
  • Eventually, I almost died waiting…
  • Yoosung will get bothered once again, we can get everything read in a week?
  • (any)
  • 707 is been helping me a lot
  • (any)
  • Jumin & Seven? Why?
  • I am just having fun and enjoying myself, I am really happy about this great opportunity
  • You put in a detector that detects bugs, just because you were bored? So fun…
  • Are you breaking your promise? I and Yoosung will be watching
  • Yep, we should… I guess everything will be alright with you here
  • Okay… I will listen and then go to bed

Some Tips To Avoid Bad Endings

Here are some tips that will help you to avoid bad ending, If you don’t want to end you game with a bad ending then follow the tips properly. Below you can find those tips, have a look:-

BSE ( Bad Story Ending ) 1 (Days 5-7):

  • Try not to be cold or mean.
  • Don’t push him to worry about you or come to save you.
  • Take a part in his jokes.
  • When he tries to flirt with you, Flirt back with him.
  • Just act like you don’t wanna go to ‘paradise’.

BSE 2 (Days 7-9):

  • When it is necessary, Comfort Seven or 707.
  • when it is not necessary, don’t act cute.
  • Be considerate, not selfish.
  • Do something to let Seven know that you wanna be with him.

BSE 3 (Days 9-10):

  • Do something to let him know that you have faith in him.
  • Never doubt his plans.
  • Convince Seven that you wanna be with him.
  • Be always side with him.

Bad Relationship Endings 1&2 (Days 7 and 10):

  • Make sure that you are taking a part in at least 50% chat rooms per day.
  • Try your best to get 707’s hearts, right after getting onto his route or path.


Q.1 Does 707 have depression?

The answer is “Yes”, though Seven often crack jokes, brings a smile on other people’s faces…But behind all this, he is very depressed and serious person.

Q.2 Does 707 like you in every route?

Don’t know that he likes you in every route or not, but it is quite clear that he cares very much about you in every route. But it is not clear that this care means love or he just cares about you as a friend.

Q.3 Is Mystic Messenger dangerous?

The mystic messenger is totally safe, and you won’t find any inappropriate stuff throughout the game, So play the game with no worry.

Q.4 Does 707 have feelings for Rika?

Although he does not show his feelings but when someone asked him…do you have feelings for Rika? He said…Yes, I do.

Q.5 Is Saeyoung older than Saeran?

Yes, Saeyoung is older than Saeran.

Final Words

This article was almost Wikipedia of the mystic messenger video game character 707 or Seven. We discussed many points about the 707 mystic messenger, points like his relationships with other characters, talked about his appearance, saw some background story of 707, etc. Along with this, we gave you two more things, how to get the 707 route & some Tips To Avoid Bad Endings.

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