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5 yoga poses for knee pain, Time to say goodbye pain

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If you are experiencing knee pain, then you are not the only one who is experiencing it.

There are some common causes of knee pain including excess weight on the knees and using the improper technique during exercise.

With all these yoga poses, you can help yourself prevent knee injury while fixing the current one.

Here’s a simple anatomy lesson:-

The knee marks the meeting place of three bones: the shinbone (tibia), the thigh-bone (femur), and the kneecap (patella).

The knee cap is designed to slide across a groove in the femur, also it has to go smoothly within this groove to complete its job well. If it goes “off track” (and it often does), it grinds away at the cartilage underneath and destabilizes the knee.

The consequent wear and tear is really an important reason behind knee replacement operation.

Benefits of yoga for your knee pain

Yoga is truly quite beneficial to people who have problems with weak pain or stiffness in their knees.

Particular postures help stabilize the knee and strengthen the muscles which hold and support the knee in proper alignment.

For anybody with knee pain, it is necessary to rehearse with awareness and stabilize your knees by actively contracting the muscles around them.

The increased exposure of the breath when doing poses keeps us focused and aware of the way we are using our entire body, therefore also concentrate on your breathing when doing yoga poses.

Be sure that you keep each pose for five or more breaths and back off if you’re feeling some pain or pulling on the knee.

5 Yoga poses to keep your knee pain away

  • Mountain Pose
  • Hero’s pose
  • Bridge pose
  • Warrior pose II
  • Corpse pose

 1. Mountain Pose

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This pose is an entrance of our list of yoga poses for knee pain, this pose can be a wonderful position for knee treatment.

It will help us track our knees equally and also instructs us on how to activate our leg muscles isometrically.

Ensure that your weight is centered from the arch of the foot, and also imagine lifting upwards from the inner arch, then throughout the ankle up through your knees.

Engage your quadriceps muscles and also energetically lift up above the knee caps.

If you do it correctly then, proper muscles will be turned on, the alignment is on point, and the common mistake of compromising the knees is avoided.

Step to do this pose:-

  • Start with standing vertical with some distance between the feet.
  • Now bring your hands in front of your body and interlock your fingers.
  • Stretch your arms over your head by inhaling deeply, now balance your body on the toes by raising your heels.
  • Feel the muscles of your body tight, hold your body in this position for 15-20 seconds.
  • Release your body by exhaling and come back to the normal position.


  • This pose must not perform by people who have varicose veins, low blood pressure problems, knee injury.
  • Women who are pregnant must consult their doctor before executing this pose.

2. Hero’s pose

So this next pose on our list of yoga poses for knee pain, Hero Pose This pose is a little bit hard because it puts pressure directly on your knee.

This pose is a symbol of that inner hero in you need to fight with your mind and body issues.

This pose will be your ultimate knee pain reliever, though it also can feel pretty intense.

If you are feeling an excessive amount of pull on the knees, you can sit up on as many blocks or folded towels or blankets because you require.

Step to do this pose:-

  • Begin at a kneeling posture with the tops of your feet back on the mat, bringing the knees together to touch.
  • Come up to stand on your knees, and also divide the feet just wider than hip-distance apart.
  • Point your big toes in slightly and press the toenails and the top of each foot evenly into the floor.
  • Utilize the hands to move the flesh from your calves out of this way, and sit down on the feet.
  • Note that this pose could be extreme on to your knees, so make sure you have a strengthen, block or even a thick book convenient to put between your feet at case sitting down causes any pain in the knees or if the sitting bones don’t reach the floor.
  • Relax your shoulders away from your ears and lengthen up and out of the crown of your head.
  • Rest your palms face up or face down on your thighs, or take your hands into the mudra of your choice.
  • Stay in the pose anywhere from 5 to 30 full, deep breaths, based upon your own level of relaxation.
  • Ahead from this pose, plant the palms onto the mat in front of you, then gradually make your way towards knees and hands, then swing equally shins over to one extend and side both legs right out in front of you.


  • People who have a problem of headache or any heart problem, they shouldn’t do this pose.
  • For those who have a knee or ankle injury, just attempt this pose under the guidance of a skilled and knowledgeable educator.
  • Women who are pregnant must consult their doctor before executing this pose.

3. Bridge pose

This pose is an excellent means to both strengthen and soothe knee pain, however for this particular order, we’ll concentrate on the strengthening aspect.

When we consistently strengthen these areas, our knees, pelvis, and muscles are brought back into balance.

Step to do this pose:- 

  • Start by lying flat on your back.
  • Now bend your knees and keep your feet and knees in a straight line.
  • Put your arms beside your body and your palms facing downward.
  • Slowly lift your back with the help of your thighs.
  • Make sure your chin should touch your chest without moving your chest.
  • Press your hands against the ground and try to lift your back a bit higher.
  • Keep the body in this posture for 12-15 seconds.
  • Then release slowly and come back to normal position.


  • This pose must not be performed by people who have a neck injury, back injury, knee, shoulder injury.
  • Pregnant women should do this pose under the guidance of a trainer.

4. Warrior pose II

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Warrior postures, and mainly Warrior II, is a reliable pose to perform for people with knee problems.

This yoga pose helps to strengthen, stretch and stabilize the knee.

This pose strengthens and activates your hamstrings, glutes, and quads— all muscles that support to keep the knee in great shape.

Step to do this pose:- 

  • To start with this stretch come in a pose of a downward-facing dog.
  • Now take your right foot forward between your hands and spin back heel all the way down to the ground, parallel to the rear fringe of the mat.
  • Raise body and rotate hips and chest to the left side wall when you are reaching your right arm directly over your right leg and now your left arm direct back over your left leg, equal to the ground.
  • Afterward, bend your right knee nearly 90 degrees, aiming your right knee and foot forward and rotate your right thigh externally.
  • Look ahead over your right fingertips.
  • Stay in this position for at least 5 to 6 breaths then release.
  • Repeat this entire process on the opposite side.


  • Pregnant women can perform this pose under an expert’s supervision.
  • People who have Spinal ailments problems, heart problems, neck or shoulder pain, knee injury, chronic illness or high blood pressure should avoid this pose.

5. Corpse pose

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So we have reached our last pose of this list and this pose is a kind of meditation pose.

It helps your whole body to consume the advantage of yoga practice you did, and relax your body and mind.

Steps to perform this pose:-

  • Lie down on your back, and now slightly separated your legs released to the side.
  • After that flop your arms at the sides with the palms facing up, close your eyes.
  • Now put the entire focus on resting every part of the body.


  • This pose doesn’t contain any serious precautions, but you just need to make sure that you are doing this pose in a silent atmosphere to get more benefits.


So these were all 5 yoga poses for knee pain, yoga teaches us how to notice whenever there is disquiet, which we could breathe and proceed throughout, instead of pain, which isn’t beneficial to your body.

Perform these 5 yoga poses for your knee pain and I am sure these will work as a final stop medicine, keep that in your mind that don’t push your knee limits too much, because it can lead to a serious knee injury.