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123mkv Full HD Bollywood Movies Download 300mb, Safe or Unsafe?

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123mkv– When it comes to movies we Indians are very excited about it. India and the whole Indian subcontinent loves to watch movies and they are literary crazy about movies. Many of those people visit cinema halls and multiplex every weekend to watch the movies. But due to some reasons, there is a huge population that can’t afford to watch movies in theaters. Here 123mkv website comes into play, this website provides its users to download the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, and Telugu movies.

In this article, we are going to talk about this website and will tell you everything you want to know about the 123mkv torrent downloading website.


123mkv Movies Downloading Website

This website is a pretty new website and it is not that much old like khatrimaza, Katmoviehd, Movierulz plz or kuttymovies websites. Just like other torrent websites this website also does the piracy of latest released movies and web series. While pirating a movie they don’t discriminate between different languages and pirate every movie. But 123mkv website’s main focus is on the latest Hollywood movies and pirate it online.

When we analyze further this domain we found out 123mkv is an illegal torrent downloading website. The reason why it is illegal is that they provide people with movies without proper permission from its copyright owners. And according to Indian law, it is illegal to do such kinda activities. Therefore the government of India from time to time blocks the 123mkv website but in this era of technology, it is not possible to completely block anything.

123mkv movies use advance technology and servers to host their website and this way they fool the government and authorities. Also when any legal authority takes action against them and blocks the 123mkv URL then they reopen the website using a new link. And these websites again start doing piracy on the new link. In this whole process of piracy done by 123mkv, the loss has to bear by movie makers and producers.

123mkv New Links


As we have talked in the previous heading that 123mkv is an illegal torrent website. So being an illegal government ban this website but they reopen it using new links and proxies. When the government first banned this website people thought that 123mkv will never come back. But they again came with a new domain. Since then there has been a lot of links to the 123mkv website. Let’s get them one by one.


Mkvcinema was one of the active links of this website and it is still up and running without any issues. This website is actively involved in piracy of the latest movie whether it is Hindi or any other language film. Mkvcinema is focusing on Bollywood movies mainly because Bollywood movies have a lot of viewers and people also active search to download the latest movies.


Mkv123 is an illegal torrent downloading website and it is considered as the sister website of 123mkv. This link was actively involved in leaking many latest movies online but thank god that this link is not active anymore otherwise moviemakers had to bear a lot of loss. I think that stopping piracy is not only the duty of government but also a public responsibility. So we should take steps and adopt some other methods to download movies other than 123mkv. So we should very careful and this way we can also show our support to the whole movie industry.

123mkv. cool

Coming to Bollywood then this link has drastically changed the whole pirating websites’ industry. link was so unique and advanced that they used to leak many movies just after the release of the movie. Their user retention was so good that on an average user used to spend a minimum of 10 minutes on the website. I mean big websites like Wikipedia don’t have this much of user retention. The reason behind that 123mkv manages to retain users is that they provide the user that they actually want. The users on their website are searching for movies and they get the latest ones there. I think the government should take some action on this.

123mkv. pt

123mkv. pt is also among the website that leaks Hindi, Tollywood and Hollywood movies frequently. According to some experts, it is very difficult to trace the real owner of these websites as they use high-end technology. They use the latest technology servers and proxy to hind themselves from authorities. 123mkv can’t be run by a single person there must be a team of people who are doing all this work. You should very care full while downloading any file from an unknown source.

123mkv. cz

This link was the latest active link to this torrent website. 123mkv was up and running without any issues until they were blocked by Google under the DMCA policy violation.

123mkv safe or not?

Most of the people around the world use android mobile phones. Generally android can be an easy target for hackers. They can easily get into your system by any image or video file. Actually, they can do some backend coding on the video file and as soon as anybody installs that video the malware gets installed into their system. This way hacker can easily hack your system and steal your personal data.

And when we talk about 123mkv torrent website they don’t take the responsibility of any content on their website. 123mkv says that they never host any movie on their website and just take the link from other websites and show it on the 123mkv website. So we should be really careful while downloading any file from an unknown source like 123mkv website. After all the most important thing these days is our data. Anybody can misuse it.

So how to download movies?

Now there must a question in your mind that if 123mkv is not the right way to download then where to download them. I would suggest you if you want to download movies then visit here or you can directly use services like NetFlix and Amazon Prime that are legal.

Note:- Piracy of any original content under Indian law is a punishable offense. firmly rejects this kind of piracy. The content presented here is simply to give you the information concerning the activities. Its objective is not at any time and in any way to encourage immorally and piracy acts. Please stay off from sites and select the ideal way to download the movie.